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Yellow Kiwi production for export

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What is the benefits of yellow kiwi fruit?Yellow Kiwi production conditions in IranImportant cities of kiwifruit in IranThe production of yellow kiwi for exportYellow Kiwi exports from Iran
Yellow Kiwi production

Kiwi is one of the greatest fruits with lots of minerals and vitamins which was first known as the Chinese gooseberry and then named as the kiwi animal in New Zealand. Yellow kiwi production in Iran is supplying the local and also exported to other countries to meet a part of the international demand for this fruit.

Iran is one of the seventh country in the world that produces kiwi fruit for export and meets the yellow kiwi demand of many countries. Kiwi is available in Iran from October to June and you can find it easily, but not in summer months. Yellow kiwi production of Iran is high and the fruit gains high popularity because of its golden flesh and thin skin.

Yellow Kiwi production

What is the benefits of yellow kiwi fruit?

Like many other fruits, kiwi also has lots of benefits for the consumers of this fruit. Kiwi is a great source of vitamin C which is almost twice that of lemons and oranges. And acts as powerful antioxidant, eliminating free radicals. Also kiwi is a great sleep inducer which treats sleeping disorders.

And also kiwi is also high in fiber and this keep one full for longer and controls metabolic markers like blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. It also facilities weight loss and often recommended to diabetics. Kiwi fruit contains a lot of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins A, B6, B12, E, and potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium.

Yellow Kiwi production

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Yellow Kiwi production conditions in Iran

As one of the kiwi producing countries. Iran has got a good weather condition in the northern part of the country. The northern parts of Iran are the best places of Iran to cultivate this fruit. And have a great amount yield for the world market. The area under the cultivation in these cities makes Iran as one of the exporters in the area that exports the fruit to the neighboring countries.

The humid weather conditions are better for the fruit to grow and have a good quality. Iran is one of the few countries in Asia producing kiwi. Yellow kiwi production of Iran is now on the rise.

Yellow Kiwi production

Important cities of kiwifruit in Iran

Kiwi is grown best in temperate climates with adequate summer heat. This makes the northern provinces of Mazandaran, Golestan and Gilan the main regions in Iran suitable for growing the fruit. Yellow kiwi production of these three provinces has made Iran as the seventh producer of this fruit in the world.

The annual amount of the kiwi export from Iran is something over 80 thousand tons. However, an amount of over 350 thousand tons of kiwi produced in Iran which is in excess of domestic need. Therefore, the focus is now on increasing the amount of exporting this fruit to the international market.

Yellow Kiwi production

The production of yellow kiwi for export

Yellow kiwi is one of the varieties of kiwi which is of a high popularity among all the varieties of kiwi. Since this fruit also produced in Iran, the higher demand of the international market makes the exporters to get into work. As Iran has the proper conditions for yellow kiwi production, there is a great chance to increase the export rate of this fruit.

There are many factors affecting the export of this fruit. These factors might be the quality, packing and the different forms in which the fruit can exported. Some countries might like to import the fruit in a form other than fresh fruit.

Yellow Kiwi production

Yellow Kiwi exports from Iran

From about 350 thousand tons to yellow kiwi production in Iran, only a percentage of about 22 percent exported. This amount of export needs to improved as Iran wants to keep its place in the international export market for this fruit. For this, the area under the cultivation might increase or some techniques should applied to increase yield.

Also equipping the export companies to sorting and packing machines can somehow solve the problem. Since the price of the fruit is higher in the international market, the producers are eager to export the fruit. Also, the quality of the fruit makes the other countries to import from Iran. That’s why the companies are trying their best to improve in case of kiwi exports.

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