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Wholesale of Iranian Red Delicious apples

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Apples production in IranThe benefits of eating red applePicking apples from the farmsIranian Red Delicious apples exportsWholesale of apples
Red Delicious apples

Iran produces more than 3.7 million tons of apples every year, and most of these apples are from the globally popular Red Delicious cultivar. The wholesale of Iranian Red Delicious apples takes place every year in the region and many Middle Eastern countries are importing them to their markets.

Red Delicious apples are among the top five popular apple cultivars in the world and produced in many different countries. They come with a vibrant red skin, as well as a sweet and firm flesh which makes them popular for fresh consumption. Also the red apples are the most popular color of these fruits and are found in every market worldwide.

Red Delicious apples

Apples production in Iran

Iran is the largest producer of apples in the Middle East, and also among the top ten producers in the world with the annual production of more than 3.7 million tons. Red Delicious apples account for a large part of the Iranian production with 1.2 million tons every year.

There are also more than a million ton of the Golden Delicious apple production in Iran which is also very popular. Other globally popular apple cultivars which grown on large scale in Iran include Fuji and Granny Smith. Most of the Iranian apples distributed to the local markets within the country. There are also large quantities of exports worldwide.

Red Delicious apples

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The benefits of eating red apple

Red apples, especially more popular common cultivars like the Red Delicious apples are full of useful nutrients. They are extremely rich in important antioxidants, flavanoids, and dietary fiber. These antioxidants can help protect your heart against all sorts of diseases.

The fiber also creates a filling experience and makes apple a great snack for people on diets. Red apple also contain more antioxidants than other cultivars and may also help reduce the risk of developing cancer, hypertension, and diabetes. Overall, these fruits are amazing healthy snacks and suggested to everybody.

Red Delicious apples

Picking apples from the farms

There are apple farms in most of the Iranian states and each of them produce high quality apples based on the region’s climate. The most common Iranian apple are the Golden and Red Delicious apples which account for nearly 60% of the total production. These apples are more common in west and north west.

The state of West Azerbaijan is the biggest producer of these apples. Most of the Iranian red and yellow apple exports also originated from the farms in this region of Iran. Most of the Iranian farms use traditional organic methods without the use of any harmful chemicals.

Red Delicious apples

Iranian Red Delicious apples exports

Iranian Red Delicious apples mostly distributed to the Middle East with some minor exports to Europe and Africa. The United Arab Emirates is the biggest importer of Iranian apples by purchasing more than 56% of the products. Other big importer in the region includes Pakistan with 25% of the total exports.

As it was mentioned before, The Red Delicious the most popular cultivars in these markets. The amount of the Iranian apple exports have been constantly on the rise and exceeds 100000 tons. There are also plans to expand the production and the exports in near future.

Red Delicious apples

Wholesale of apples

There hundreds of thousands of tons of apples exported from Iran every year, and have wholesale buyers all over the world. Apples are among the largest of the Iranian exports and are also very valuable to the country’s economy. There are also many different Iranian apple cultivars on the international markets.

The most popular cultivars exported from Iran are the Golden and Red Delicious apples. These apples popular both in the Middle East and the world and traded on large scales globally. The largest customers of the Iranian apples are The United Arab Emirates and Russia. There are also large customers from other continents like Europe and North America that import Iranian fruits.

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