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Wholesale Iranian green kiwi

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Green Kiwi Production in IranKiwi harvest season in northern IranBuy Iranian green kiwi straight from the farmerKiwi exports from IranWholesale price of green kiwi
Iranian green kiwi

Kiwis categorized under exotic fruits, and today are among the most popular and exciting fruits on the international markets which have amazing health benefits as well. Iran is the 4th largest producer of kiwis in the world and there are many wholesale Iranian green kiwi exports every year.

Kiwis grown in areas with cool humid climates which can easily be found in the north of Iran near the Caspian Sea. Iranian green kiwis mostly grown organic and are full of different nutrients and minerals like vitamin C and D. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidants and can help create a better immune system and protect from different illnesses.

Iranian green kiwi

Green Kiwi Production in Iran

There nearly 300000 tons of fresh kiwis being produced in the northern states of Iran every year. Most of these kiwis distributed and consumed within the country but there also some which exported to the neighboring fruit markets.

There many different types of green and golden kiwis produced in Iran with the most common being the green Hayward cultivar. This cultivar well known all over the world and accounts for more than 50% of the Iranian production and most of the exports. Hayward kiwis are green with a sweet firm flesh and a thin skin. These Iranian green kiwis considered by many to be the best.

Iranian green kiwi

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Kiwi harvest season in northern Iran

All of the Iranian kiwis grown in the northern states of Guilan, Mazandaran, and Golestan. These regions have the perfect cool humid climate required to produce high quality kiwis. The harvesting season of the kiwis in the region starts in the beginning of autumn and last till winter.

This time is perfect for Iranian green kiwis, because there are no serious competition in the Middle Eastern markets at this time of the year. New Zealand is the largest exporter of kiwis in the word. But luckily for Iran, it located in the southern hemisphere and has a different harvesting time from Iran.

Iranian green kiwi

Buy Iranian green kiwi straight from the farmer

Most of the local companies offering Iranian green kiwis for exports, will provide the customers with the best products. The companies purchase their products directly from the local farms and markets. In this way, they will get their kiwis straight from the source.

They will ship the kiwis to storage and package them in order to prepare for exports. Any country or fruit market importing the Iranian kiwis, will get the highest quality kiwis, straight from the heart of the finest Iranian farms. Iranian kiwis also grown organic and do not receive any chemical pesticides or preservatives.

Iranian green kiwi

Kiwi exports from Iran

There 294000 metric tons of kiwis produced in Iran every year, which account for around 7% of the total global production. There have also been a 17% increase in production over the last 3 years. This is because of the fact that Iranian kiwis are becoming popular on the international markets and the demands are going up. Iranian kiwis mostly supply the West and Central Asian countries.

India, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and Azerbaijan are the largest customers of the Iranian kiwis. There also some Iranian green kiwi fruits exported to Europe and North America.

Iranian green kiwi

Wholesale price of green kiwi

Iranian green kiwis exported to many different markets on large wholesale scales. As it was mentioned before, most of the Iranian exported kiwis from the Hayward cultivar. And as the world’s most popular kiwi cultivar, Hayward usually has a global reference price. But each case is different and the wholesale prices of the Iranian kiwis could be different for each individual export case.

Iranian kiwis mostly exported to the neighboring countries in the Middle East. This is a good fact, because the short distance between the countries will reduce the transportation costs and can reduce the final market prices. The kiwis will also reach the destination much faster, easier, and fresher in these markets.

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