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What are the benefits of Green apple?Is the green apple the same as Premature apple?Green apple Shoppers in IranGreen apple imports to IranWholesale prices of apples in Iran
Green apple

Apples are a symbol of a healthy fruit in many different cultures of the world, and are always considered among the best by many countries. Apples of Iran are no exception and the wholesale buyers of Green apple in Iran trade these amazing products on very large scale all over the world.

Green apple is considered one of the healthiest cultivars of apples and are the perfect choice for people on diets or athletes. They have lower amounts of antioxidants than the red cultivars but are much lower in calories and sugar. Overall, all cultivars of apples in all colors are healthy and can prevent a lot of different diseases like hearth attacks.

Green apple

What are the benefits of Green apple?

Green apple can come to your rescue if you can’t stop binge eating but still want to lose weight because their high fiber content takes a while to digest and can be filling for long times. Besides this, consuming these apples will give you a good dose of vitamin C. Vitamin C is one of the best types of antioxidants and can boost the immune system of the boy perfectly.
These green cultivars of apples are also beneficial to the skincare and can help your skin to stay hydrated and young. Having these apples regularly can also protect your eyesight.  The peel of the apples is rich in vitamin A which strengthens the outer layer of the eye.

Green apple

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Is the green apple the same as Premature apple?

Well technically all of the unripe apple are at one-point green, nut not these Green apples. There are a lot of cultivars of apples which are green and popular. These Green apples come in different shapes, sizes and tastes. Most of them have got hard fleshes and are sour. There are also a lot of green cultivars of apples which are sweet.
They are considered table fruit and are used in confectionary and cooking besides fresh consumption. Green cultivars of apple are not as popular as the yellow or red cultivars like the Red Delicious, but have got their own fans and customers.

Green apple

Green apple Shoppers in Iran

All of the Green apple of Iran are supplied by the local products of the country. These apples are of the highest quality and are produced on large scales. There are enough apples produced by Iran to both supply the local markets and also have some for international exports.
There are also different types of Iranian apples which are green and the most popular one is the Granny Smith. This is an internationally recognized apple cultivar and is very popular on the international markets. The apples produced in Iran are also mostly organic which makes their sale much more easy.

Green apple

Green apple imports to Iran

Many countries of the world import the high quality Green apple of Iran on large quantities every year. Russia is one of the biggest importers with more than thousands of tons every year. Most of the other apples are imported by the Middle Eastern and neighboring countries. Iraq and the United Arab Emirates are the biggest Middle Eastern importers of these amazing fruits.
The harvesting season of these apples is from the beginning of autumn until early winter. They are also imported by some other countries from the European Union and North American countries.

Green apple

Wholesale prices of apples in Iran

The amount of the production of Iranian Green apple will have big effects on the final price of the products on the international markets. Most of the Green apple produced by Iran are of the world famous Granny Smith cultivar. This apple is produced all over the world on large quantities and has a global reference price. Also the amount of production of the year will affect the prices.
The more apples Rasht are produced, the lower the final prices will be. Last but not least is the importing country and its distance from the exporter. A large part of the price is because of the transportation costs and the further the importer country is, the higher the shipping costs and final price of the apples will be.

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