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Urmia grapes export for major sales

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Production of various grapes in UrmiaBuy grapes from Urmia farmsGrape packaging for exportUrmia grapes export to buyer's countriesWholesale of Urmia grapes
Urmia grapes export

Urmia is one of the biggest grape producing cities both in Iran and in the world, and the high quality grapes of this city are famous in many international markets. A lot of big and small fruit companies deal in Urmia grapes export for major sales, and send these high quality grapes to many different countries.

Urmia is known for its high quality grapes in Iran and Urmia grapes export are done every year in the city. These grapes are from different cultivars, but all of them are extremely healthy and rich in different minerals and vitamins. Grapes are among the best and healthiest sources of vitamin C, which can boost the immune system and protect the body.

Urmia grapes export

Production of various grapes in Urmia

Urmia is the largest grape producing city in Iran and the Urmia grapes export account for a big part of the Iranian agricultural trades. This city is famous all over Iran and the world for its high quality grapes that come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and tastes. The vineyards of this city exceed 11700 hectares and produce the grapes mostly by using the traditional organic methods.
There more than 52 official cultivars of grapes harvested in Urmia and they produced 30000 jobs in this city. There more than 100000 tons of grapes produced in this states. A large part of them are also set for exports to many different markets worldwide.

Urmia grapes export

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Buy grapes from Urmia farms

The vineyards of Urmia are active all year long, as one of the biggest grape producing city in Iran. Around 8% of the Iranian grapes produced in this city which makes it the 4th largest producer in Iran. Most of the vineyards of this city do not use any chemicals and produce some of the finest organic grapes of the world.

More than 30% of the grapes of Urmia consumed fresh. Around 30% also dried out ant turned into some of the best raisins in the world. Also every year, a large part of the grapes sent abroad, and Urmia grapes export hits many markets in the Middle East.

Urmia grapes export

Grape packaging for export

Packaging is a very important step in the Urmia grapes export process, and is of big importance. Grapes very fragile fruit and need the packaging in order to reach the markets in good shape. Especially high quality fruits like table grapes which depend on their amazing looks.
Urmia grapes also separated before packaging and the sweet cultivars mostly set for fresh consumption. The sour grapes are also popular, but mostly for making side products like grape juices and extracts. These grape boxes come in a lot of different shapes and capacities, and also make the transportation easier.

Urmia grapes export

Urmia grapes export to buyer’s countries

Urmia grapes export usually reaches 15000 tons every year. Some of the best fresh consumption cultivars like the Asgari grapes produced in this city. Russia is one of the biggest customers of the Urmian grapes and imports them on very large scales every year.
Urmia also located in the north of the country and is closer to Russia. This will help with the ease of transportations, and the table grapes can reach the Russian fruit markets much faster, and as fresh as possible. There many other countries which interested in the high quality grapes of this city and try to buy them.

Urmia grapes export

Wholesale of Urmia grapes

Urmia is among the largest producers of grapes in Iran. Urmia grape exports are a big part of this city’s economy and there a lot of jobs related to grapes. The vineyards of Urmia produce some of the best grapes in Iran, which are perfect for exports. The products of Urmia are mostly table grapes which really popular and well received on foreign markets.
Many Iranian and foreign fruit companies interested in trading these grapes as a part of their products. They also grown using organic methods which will add to their popularity. Urmia produces large amounts of sweet and sour grapes which come in both seeded and seedless cultivars, and sells them on large wholesale scales every year.

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