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Sweet pepper export from Iran

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Producing the best sweet peppers in IranSweet pepper buyers in other countriesSweet pepper exports statisticsThe best package for sweet peppersBuy Iranian sweet peppers in neighboring countries
Sweet pepper export

Bell peppers one of the most amazing vegetables grown in the world, and are rich sources of vitamin C, as well as having various vibrant colors to design the food. Iran is also one of the largest producers of these vegetables in the world, and sweet pepper export from Iran are sent to many countries every year.

Sweet pepper export happen in Iran on very large scales every year, and many countries in the neighboring regions interested in these Iranian products. They are usually sold to these countries for fresh consumption or cooking purposes. Iranian sweet peppers are extremely popular on the international markets, and are always in high demands.

Sweet pepper export

Producing the best sweet peppers in Iran

Iran is famous for its high quality bell peppers, not only for the high amount of annual production, but also for the high quality and amazing taste of these products. Bell peppers produced in both open farms and greenhouses, and the second most common vegetable grown in the Iranian greenhouses.

Many local and international fruit companies interested in the Iranian sweet pepper export. Iranian sweet peppers are popular all over the international markets. This fame and popularity has made their sale easier for these companies. These peppers are also extremely healthy and full of different vitamins and nutrients including vitamin C.

Sweet pepper export

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Sweet pepper buyers in other countries

Iranian bell peppers are popular all over the world, and have very loyal customers, especially in the Middle East region. Large amounts of sweet pepper export from Iran is a proof of this interest. Also the amounts of demands and exports have been increasing steadily over the past few years.

Statics show a steady 8% raise in the production and exports of the Iranian peppers over the last five years. There are also many plans to expand the production and the foreign markets for these Iranian products. There is still a lot of potential for the Iranian sweet pepper, in these bright global markets.

Sweet pepper export

Sweet pepper exports statistics

Bell pepper exports are a large part of the Iranian agriculture and economy. Nearly, one percent of the bell peppers traded on the international markets supplied by the Iranian farms and greenhouses. Iranian bell peppers also exported to both Asian and European countries.

The United Arab Emirates is the largest customer of the Iranian bell peppers by importing nearly 50% of the total exports. Oman and Russia are also very big customers with more than 20% each. As you can see, most of these peppers sent to Middle Eastern countries with some minor exports to Europe.

Sweet pepper export

The best package for sweet peppers

Bell peppers packaged by different colors, because various colors of these sweet peppers have various demands. Also the packaging is an important step in the Iranian sweet pepper export process. This is because of the fact that Iranian bell peppers targeted by the top luxurious markets in the world.

Ad these markets have certain requirements, and one of them is nice packaging. In order to send the products to these markets, the companies need high quality packaging. This might increase the initial costs, but it will be worth it since bell peppers are sold more expensive in the markets.

Sweet pepper export

Buy Iranian sweet peppers in neighboring countries

Most of the Iranian sweet pepper export sent to the neighboring countries in the middle East and West Asia. These peppers are the best option for the countries in these regions. They are very high quality, and most importantly, very popular in these markets. Most of the fruit importers in these regions, look ant Iran as the main suppliers of bell peppers for their countries.

Having Iran as the number one choice is also beneficial for them as well, and they can gain more profits by importing these products. The most important benefit is the shorter distance, which will decrease the transportation costs. It also makes it much faster, and the bell peppers will arrive at the markets as fresh as possible.

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