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Grape buyers in neighboring countries of IranProduction of grapes in IranHarvesting and packing grapes for exportSupplier of Grapes in IranGrape exports and other fruits by Vitarad Company
grape exports

Iran is among the top ten producers of grapes in the world, and dominates a large part of the fresh grape markets in the Middle East and West Asian regions. There are a lot of supplier company for grape exports, which are active in Iran, and sell these high quality products to many different markets.

Iranian grapes are mostly used for fresh consumption, and as a result most of them are large and seedless. These table grapes enjoyed by a lot of people on the fruit markets both within and outside the country. Another reason for the popularity of these grape exports, is their high nutritional values, as they are full of different anti-oxidants and vitamin C.

grape exports

Grape buyers in neighboring countries of Iran

The best grape vineyards are located in regions where they have call and dry climates, and Iran is no exception in this matter. Most of the Iranian grapes which hare targeted for fresh consumption produced in north west, and west Iran, like Azerbaijan province.

On the other hand, these climates are really rare in the Middle East, and most countries in these regions need to supply their markets from imports. Iranian grape exports are the best option for these buyers. These grapes offer the best quality of the grapes with the shortest delivery time and the most competitive prices. The short distance decreases the transportation costs as well.

grape exports

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Production of grapes in Iran

Iran is the 8th largest producer of grapes in the world with millions of tons of productions every year. Most of the Iranian grapes used for fresh consumption. As a result, the vast majority of them are from the cultivars which are perfect for this purpose.

Some of the most famous Iranian grapes include Asgari, Pikami, or Shahroud grapes which have the perfect characteristics for these markets. They also account for almost all of the Iranian grape exports, and are famous on the international markets. Iranian vineyards also use the traditional organic methods for their farming.

grape exports

Harvesting and packing grapes for export

The harvesting of the Iranian grapes usually starts from the month of September, and lasts for a few month. Most of the Iranian fresh grape exports are also around these times of the year. Of course, there are other local cultivars which are harvested in other times.

The packaging of the grapes are also very important due to the fragile nature of fresh consumption grapes. These products need to protected from heat and physical harms all along the way. These grapes have also got a very short shelf life, and the boxes need to minimum the amount of contact with open air, in order to keep them fresh.

grape exports

Supplier of Grapes in Iran

Most of the top Iranian fruit companies are active in the grape exports of the country. These grape suppliers collect the finest Iranian grapes from the farms and the local markets. They next step is the storage and the packaging of these products in the best and fastest way possible.

They usually exported to the neighboring countries through land or sea borders of Iran. Most of the companies export the products to the foreign markets themselves, but there are also some others which do this through foreign companies. These suppliers are active in the harvesting seasons every year.

grape exports

Grape exports and other fruits by Vitarad Company

Vitarad is one of the most famous and reliable Iranian fruit companies which are currently active in Iran. Grape exports are also a large part of this companies products. Vitarad exports the best and the finest Iranian grapes to many different foreign markets. The top importers of these grapes include countries like Russia, the United Arab Emirates, and Iraq.

The company collects and imports the best Iranian apple cultivars from the local farmers, and transports them to the consumer markets in the shortest time possible. The activities of the company not also limited to only various grapes. They are active all year long, and export and import a wide variety of agricultural products to and from many countries.

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