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Red apple tree exports to Iraq

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Red apples are a popular fruit in the worldApple buyers in IraqThe quality of Iranian red applesIranian red apple tree exportPrices of apples in Iraq
Red apple tree

The red apples of Iran are very famous and popular among the Middle Eastern and West Asian countries, especially Iraq which is one of the biggest importers of the fruit. Every year there are thousands of tons of red apple tree exports to Iraq, done by the international fruit companies in the region.

Red apple tree of Iran is both delicious and healthy, with a lot of useful vitamins and minerals. They are very low in calories and are proven to have benefits for the human body, heart, and the skin. The very low amounts of calories in these fruits made them an ideal snack for people with diabetes or people who want to lose weight by a healthy lifestyle.

Red apple tree

Red apples are a popular fruit in the world

Red apple tree is the most popular apple cultivar in the world, and their annual production exceeds the amount of production for yellow or green apples. The most famous and common red apple cultivar is probably the Red Delicious which also produced on very large scales in Iran.
The country produces around 3.7 million tons of different apples, and about 1.2 million tons of those are Red Delicious apples. Most of the high quality red apples of Iran are produces in the west and north west of the country, specifically in Azerbaijan province. These high quality apples are very popular in the markets from all over the world and have a really high quality.

Red apple tree

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Apple buyers in Iraq

Iraq considered one of the largest importers of Red apple tree in the Middle East. The apples of this country supplied from lots of Asian and European producers. The biggest European exporters of apples to Iraq and Italy and Greece. The largest Asian producers with exports to Iraq are also Iran and Turkey.
Every year, large shipments of Iranian red apples exported to the fruit markets of Iraq, and the local companies distribute them all over the country. Iranian red apples are one of the best and most luxurious products in the Iraqi fruit markets and are always in high demands.

Red apple tree

The quality of Iranian red apples

Iranian Red apple tree known as a brand all over the world, because of their high quality ad amazing taste. These apples also grown organically which makes them even more popular. Organic fruits and vegetables are an international trend and are actually more beneficial to the body.
The apple of Iran exported to more than 20 countries every year, both in Asia and other continents. They were always very well received on the international markets and most companies interested in trading them. Most of these apples exported by the local fruit companies in Iran.

Red apple tree

Iranian red apple tree export

Iran is the biggest producer of Red apple tree in the Middle East region with nearly 1.5 million tons of annual production. More than 3% of the apple of the world produced in Iran and a large part of them also exported. The vast majority of the Iranian apples consumed within the country.
Hundreds of thousands of tons of the best apples produced in Iran also set for exports. The apples are among the biggest agricultural products of Iran and a big part of the country’s economy. There are a lot of apple exports to Asia, Europe and Africa every harvesting season.

Red apple tree

Prices of apples in Iraq

Iraq only produces around 44 metric tons of apples every year, which is not enough to supply the local markets of the country. So as a result, Iraq imports large quantities of Red apple tree from many different countries in the region. The apples in the Iraqi markets supplied from both Europe and Asian countries. Also more than 80% of these apples imported from Middle Eastern countries like Iran and Turkey.
The short distances and the lower transportation costs will reduce the final apple prices. These lower prices are more profitable for both parties, and also make the sales much easier. Also different types of apples have different prices, and usually sweet table apples are more expensive.

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