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Production of black grapes for export to UAE

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Production of black grapes in IranThe benefits of black grapesMajor grape buyers in the UAEPackaging black grapes for exportIranian Grape Sales in UAE
black grapes for export

Iran is the 8th largest producer of grapes in the world, and produces many different colors of high quality table grapes such as green, yellow, red, and black. Black grapes are among the most luxurious and popular of these products and there are production of black grapes for export to UAE.

Iranian black grapes for export are among the hottest items on the international markets and are sent to many different countries of the world. There considered very luxurious and are one of the best choices for fresh consumption. Since these grapes come in both seeded and seedless forms, and have both the sweet and sour flavors, they are very popular.

black grapes for export

Production of black grapes in Iran

Black grapes are among the most popular Iranian grapes and are mostly grown in the western and north western vineyards of the country. There are only a handful of countries in the world that produce these fruits on large scales and have black grapes for export. They are one of the most valuable Iranian agricultural products and have a very good price on the international markets.

Cities like Baneh and Sardashs are famous for their black grape production within the country. The grapes from these regions are very sweet and extremely high quality. They also account for a large part of the Iranian grape exports every year.

black grapes for export

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The benefits of black grapes

The vibrant black color in these amazing grapes is a great sign of the anti-oxidants in them. These grapes are actually one of the greatest natural sources of anti-oxidants. These high figures along with the amazing taste and other benefits and nutrients, account for the high demands of the black grapes for export.

Black grapes contain Lutein and Zeaxanthin, which carotenoids, known to help in maintaining good eyesight. It is also very low on sugar and can help reduce the risks of cancer. It can be a healthy low sugar snack for people on diets and diabetes patients as well.

black grapes for export

Major grape buyers in the UAE

The united Arab Emirates is one of the largest importers of the high quality Iranian grapes. Iranian sweet grapes are very popular in this country and the demands are always very high. The grape buyers in the united Arab Emirates always order large quantities of black grapes for export.

They are also a fan of other Iranian grape cultivars and are one of the best and most profitable destinations of Iran. The suppliers of this country, will have lots of options for the transportation process. This will make the shipping much less costly, which is always the best thing to attract customers.

black grapes for export

Packaging black grapes for export

Like all the other grape cultivars, The packaging of black grapes for export is absolutely essential. The grapes are very fragile fruits and need to protected from heat and physical harms. The boxes will provide the supports all along the way and also make the transportations easier.

Also, since these grapes mostly grown organic and did not receive any chemical preservatives, they have a pretty short shelf life. The boxes will help keep them fresh for longer by isolating them from open air. The companies make these boxes out of plastic and cardboard in different capacities and sizes.

black grapes for export

Iranian Grape Sales in UAE

Iran produces around 2.5 million metric tons of grapes every year, which makes it the 8th largest grape producer country in the world. Most of the Iranian grape exports are for fresh consumption, but there are also some exports of grape side products. There are many different cultivars produced in the country, and one of the most popular is black grapes for export.

These grapes are particularly popular in the United Arab Emirates. This country is the largest customer of the Iranian grapes, in the Middle East. The grapes are very popular in the international fruit markets of this country and are always in high demands. There are plans for expand in both production and exports of these high quality grapes.

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