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Price per ton of cucumber for export

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Cucumber production in IranCucumber greenhouses in IranPrices per ton of cucumbersPacking cucumbers for exportCucumber export by Vitarad company
cucumber for export

Cucumbers enjoyed in almost every country of the world and considered to be one of the most popular and common vegetables on earth. Iran is among the top ten producers of this vegetable in the world and the price per ton of cucumber for export from Iran is different in each case.

Besides being very delicious and popular, Iranian cucumbers are also extremely healthy and a great source of many different vitamins. These cucumbers are more than 70% water and can be a great snack for warmer months of the year which can also protect you from dehydration. There are large quantities of Iranian cucumber for export every year.

cucumber for export

Cucumber production in Iran

Iran is among the top cucumber producers of the world and has high amounts of production in both open farms and greenhouses of the country. The two most common cucumber cultivars in the country barbed and Persian cucumbers which used both for fresh consumption and making pickles.

As a result of being produced in greenhouses, Iran offers cucumber for export all year long. These both types are also both very high quality and a popular import on the foreign international fruit and vegetable markets. Overall, they are a great part of the Iranian agricultural products and account for a lot of jobs within the country.

cucumber for export

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Cucumber greenhouses in Iran

Cucumbers are the most common greenhouse product of Iran and produced on very large scales. Greenhouses might have a higher initial costs, but they will have lower production costs. First of all, greenhouses require less water and there no needs of a big fresh water source.

They also have a controlled environment and temperature and will yield much more products than the open farms. These products are also the same quality as the other cucumbers and are a big part of Iranian cucumber for export. As a result of the controlled environment, they also come in better shapes.

cucumber for export

Prices per ton of cucumbers

The wholesale prices of Iranian cucumber for export, are different in each case. Usually, the open farm products considered to be more natural and are more expensive. This does not mean that the greenhouse cucumbers are any lower in terms of quality and taste.

There are also different cultivars of cucumbers with different characteristics and each of them has to its own prices. On the whole, when considering the amazing benefits of the Iranian cucumbers, their prices are quite affordable. Also, the prices will heavily affected by the amount of that year’s annual production.

cucumber for export

Packing cucumbers for export

All of the Iranian cucumber for export need to packed before they are ready to shipped. The same goes for all of the Iranian agricultural products. Like any other vegetable, cucumbers are very sensitive to heat and could lose their skin and flesh quality when they exposed to it.

So the boxes will protect the cucumbers from heat and physical harms all along the way. The companies make these boxes from cardboard or plastic materials and they come in different shapes and sizes, with various capacities. They also help to keep the appearances when exporting to the top markets.

cucumber for export

Cucumber export by Vitarad company

Vitarad company is among the best and most reliable Iranian fruit companies which are offering Iranian cucumber for export. Every year, the company exports tons of barbed and Persian cucumbers to many different markets of the world. They only trade in the highest quality products from the best farmers. The company’s job begins by collecting the high quality cucumbers from the finest farms and greenhouses.

Then they store and package the cucumbers in order to get them ready for exports. Vitarad company exports most of these cucumbers to the Middle Eastern and neighboring countries of the region. There are also some minor amounts of cucumber exports to European countries like Britain.

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