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Pomegranate of Saveh for exports

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Production of pomegranates in SavehSweet pomegranate of SavehSaveh sour pomegranate for exportPomegranate exports from IranWholesale price of pomegranates
Pomegranate of Saveh

Saveh is actually known as the capital of pomegranates in Iran, and has the perfect climate and farms for producing high quality sweet and sour pomegranates. There are thousands of tons of Pomegranate of Saveh for exports every year, of course after supplying the local markets of Iran.

Pomegranates packed with plenty of goodness including anti-oxidant, anti-viral, and anti-tumor properties, which truly makes them a super fruit. The high levels of flavonoid antioxidants in pomegranates are known to be effective in preventing different types of cancer. The Pomegranate of Saveh are one of the highest quality pomegranates there is.

Pomegranate of Saveh

Production of pomegranates in Saveh

Saveh is known as a capital of pomegranates in Iran and the regional markets. It has the perfect climate and thousands of hectares of open farms to produce the highest quality pomegranates in Iran. There are also different types of sweet and sour pomegranates produced in different parts of the city.
Most of the pomegranates of this city also harvested in the months of autumn, and mostly transported and distributed to the local markets of the country. There are also some exports for these high quality pomegranates, as they considered top shelf, and are very popular on the foreign markets. They are also as healthy and nutritious as any other pomegranates.

Pomegranate of Saveh

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Sweet pomegranate of Saveh

Pomegranates need a lot of sunshine in order to get fully sweet and juicy, and they can get it in the city of Saveh. The climate and soil of the city farms are perfect for harvesting high quality sweet pomegranates. The sweet Pomegranate of Saveh have a vibrant dark red color that sometimes gets close to black.
They are also among the luxurious fruits on the international markets and are a favorite for fresh consumption. Some companies also use sweet pomegranates for making pomegranate juice. These juices are rich in antioxidants and can be the perfect snack drink for children and adults.

Pomegranate of Saveh

Saveh sour pomegranate for export

Besides having some of the world’s best sweet pomegranates, Saveh is also a producing of the sour types as well. The sour Pomegranate of Saveh are generally a little bit smaller than the sweet ones. They are also not that much popular for fresh consumption because of their taste. Even though, they one of the main ingredients in some of the most iconic Iranian dishes.
They also used in many different snacks and side dishes in the Iranian and Middle Eastern cuisines. They are also popular in the foreign markets and used for many purposes including making fruit extracts.

Pomegranate of Saveh

Pomegranate exports from Iran

By default, being the biggest producer of pomegranates in the world, makes Iran one of the top exporters of the world as well. Most of the Iranian pomegranate are consumed within the country, since it is very popular in the Iranian culture. But, there are a lot of exports to Middle eastern and Neighboring countries.
Russia, Iraq, and the UAE import Iranian pomegranates on large scales.  The Pomegranate of Saveh are also among the most favorite of the international markets and are always in high demands. Iranian pomegranates also known as a high quality international brand worldwide.

Pomegranate of Saveh

Wholesale price of pomegranates

The pomegranate market is at a tipping point, because the public knowledge about these amazing fruits are constantly increasing. This promotion, have caused the international markets to demand for more and more products. A lot of new countries are producing pomegranates right now and the markets are becoming more competitive. Iran, as the biggest producer of pomegranates in the world, dominates a large part of the international markets.
The Pomegranate of Saveh are also, among its highest quality products that are popular everywhere. All these new countries are trying to present the markets with the highest quality and the lowest prices. The pomegranate market shows a lot of promise for the near future.

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