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pomegranate export price | pomegranate market price in Iran

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how much is pomegranate export price?who are best pomegranate exporters?where can you buy pomegranate with low price?list of pomegranate price in market

Do you want to know about pomegranate export price? Do you want to get some more information about pomegranate prices, pomegranate price per ton, and pomegranate importing countries? One of the most important sectors for achieving pomegranate supply in the global markets and increasing market share is knowing the laws and regulations of different countries as well as the preferences of their markets. In addition, today, the acquisition of global markets depends on the product’s sense of reliability, and this is achieved only with accuracy, quality, and creativity.

pomegranate export price | pomegranate market price in Iran

how much is pomegranate export price?

how much is pomegranate export price?Like many agricultural exports, pomegranate exports still face numerous problems in the field of crop shipping, cumbersome administrative regulations, lack of knowledge of gardeners and exporters. That can do a lot of damage to the export of this product. According to customs statistics in the first nine months of this year, more than 6,271 tons of fresh pomegranates were exported to various countries around the world. It should be noted that the export of this volume of pomegranates, has brought into the country 4 million 631 thousand 953 dollars. The value of the rial exported to various countries of the world has also exceeded 148 million dollars in customs statistics. Pomegranates have recently been exported to 20 countries, including Germany, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the Republic of Korea, and the Republic of Korea has been Iran’s largest purchaser of pomegranates.

who are best pomegranate exporters?

who are best pomegranate exporters?According to statistics released by the Department FAO, the United States is the world’s first major producer of this crop with 406 thousand tonnes of pistachio production. Iran ranks second in the list after producing 315,000 tons of pistachios a year after the United States. Iran’s closest competitor is Turkey’s salt region, which ranks third with 170,000 tonnes. But China is expected to pose a serious threat to Iran and the US in the coming years with a policy of increased production that has tripled its output in four years.

where can you buy pomegranate with low price?

where can you buy pomegranate with low price?The USA is considered as Iran’s biggest competitor in terms of pomegranate production. The United States is currently experiencing a decline in fruit production. US fruits have attracted much attention from other countries because of their sweet taste and large size. China ranks third in the production of large quantities of pomegranates. Pomegranate was introduced in China in the 5th decade. Pomegranate grows better in Sichuan,  and Henan provinces. , And farmers sell what they produce in many cities around the country. Of course, Chilean pomegranates had been on the market for a long time, and when the Iranian pomegranate had not yet been marketed, it was selling for 3$  per kilo. The Chilean pomegranate has considerable packaging and color and size, but Iranian pomegranates are more diverse.

list of pomegranate price in market

list of pomegranate price in market While each kilogram of pomegranates is sold in the city of Tehran based on the official statistics of the Central Bank of Iran (USD) 1, this product is exported to different countries at an average of 2.6 times cheaper, ie, 1 USD. This lucrative market is profitable and where are the surveillance devices. Pomegranates are one of the most popular garden products especially at specific times of the year, such as Yalda Night, where irrational price increases may occur at certain times, which can be attributed to recent times as the latest published wholesale price data found in Central Fruit Market. And the maximum price is 0.2 $ of per kilogram of pomegranates which is why it is not clear why this product should be sold at wholesale prices, and if we want to add a reasonable 2 percent retail profit to about 2000 tomans of per kg of this product is of course classy.

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