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Pomegranate export company of Iran

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Production of pomegranate in IranIranian pomegranate foreign buyersPomegranate export company of IranPomegranate exports by Vitarad CompanyPomegranate exports from Iran
Pomegranate export company

Pomegranate is a fruit which has the origin of Iran and has long been produced in the country in Saveh and some other cities of Iran. As a pomegranate export company in Iran, all companies feel themselves responsible for bringing the fame to Iranian fruit products in the global market.

This heavenly fruit which is popular by many Iranians and is usually on their fruit basket, is a sign of the longest night of the year. There are also many countries which are looking for having this fruit in their fruit baskets. Therefore, any pomegranate export and import company is taking a responsibility in this regard.

Pomegranate export company

Production of pomegranate in Iran

Pomegranate is one of the greatest fruits that is produced in Iran and exported to many countries. This fruit is known as Zakuro in Japan which means a fruit coming from Zagros from Iran. Any pomegranate export company is trying to provide the quality fruit to the global market.

The fruit produced in Iran is of a high quality and has a reasonable price in comparison to the other exporting countries. Saveh is the greatest producing city of pomegranate in Iran which produces great pomegranates and has a wide area of land under cultivation. Iran is exporting this fruit mostly to the neighboring countries and also the Asian countries.

Pomegranate export company

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Iranian pomegranate foreign buyers

The buyers of Iranian pomegranate always express their satisfaction about the product. There are many importers of this fruit around the world and most of them are buyers of Iranian pomegranate. This is mostly due to the quality of the fruit produced in Iran.

A good pomegranate export company must have knowledgeable exports in the field of marketing. Many foreign buyers of the Iranian pomegranate get a very reasonable price when compared to other pomegranate producing countries. The Iranian companies can also provide the demand of the importers in large amounts.

Pomegranate export company

Pomegranate export company of Iran

Iran is producing a large amount of pomegranate every year and therefore exports it to other countries. In this regard, there must be export companies which can help farmers sell their products in the international market. Vitarad is a pomegranate export company of Iran which has taken the responsibility of exporting a great amount of this fruit.

The company is so great that works with many countries in the field of export. Farmers also rely on this company in selling their products to the company. This is because the company buys the fruit in rather good price than the market.

Pomegranate export company

Pomegranate exports by Vitarad Company

Vitarad company has got a quite good experience in exporting not only pomegranate but also other fruits. Also vitarad buys the fruit on wholesales and after doing some processes, makes it ready for the international market. Almost, Vitarad buys the pomegranate the farmers produce and sorts them in marketable boxes.

The company feels itself responsible for helping the farmers to introduce the Iranian products to the global market. Therefore, the experts try their best to help the farmers in producing organic fruit. As a pomegranate export company, they have a great fame around the world now.

Pomegranate export company

Pomegranate exports from Iran

The amount of the pomegranate exports from Iran is very high and the country has a great share in providing the fruit to the world countries. The area under cultivation for this fruit is very wide in some provinces which work on producing pomegranate. The agricultural experts also have a great share in this regard especially for guiding the farmers in producing a great amount of the fruit in a small area under cultivation.

The experts of the pomegranate export company also help the farmers in selling their products. The company exports the fruit to the country which buys the fruit in the highest price possible. They also sell the product in different forms. However, the highest demand is for the fresh fruit.


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