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Persian grape cluster for sale

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What are benefits of grapes?Grape orchards in IranGrape cluster harvestPersian grape cluster for exportThe price per ton of grapes
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The grapes produced in Iran are some of the finest products found in the world for fresh consumption and are a big part of the Iranian agricultural products and economy. There are large quantities of Persian grape cluster for sale every year at the end of the harvesting season which lasts till mid-autumn.

Filled with Vitamin C and antioxidants, grapes can help to revitalize your skin and help to keep it hydrated and young for longer. The complex carbohydrates found in grapes can give you a much-needed energy boost and makes them great snacks for athletes. Iran is a main exporter of grape cluster for fresh consumption in the Middle East region.

grape cluster for

What are benefits of grapes?

Grapes not only taste amazing but also are extremely nutritious. And have benefits in preventing a wide variety of diseases from diabetes to cancer. Also Grapes have been proven to be good for the skin. Buying a few grape cluster for the skin can help you stay young for longer. So Grapes are rich in vitamins, mineral and anti-oxidants and also are very low in calories.

grape cluster for
This is why they considered a healthy ingredient in many weight loss recipes and for people on diets. Their high amounts of antioxidants not only boost immunity but also protects against many forms of cancers. It is because of these amazing facts that they considered a super food.

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Grape orchards in Iran

There are a lot of industrial large scale vineyards in different states of Iran which have the perfect climate for harvesting high quality grapes. Most of the Iranians use grape cluster for fresh consumption. There are also a lot of grapes which turned into raisins and consumed later.
Iranian vineyards mostly use traditional organic methods to produce grapes and do not rely on chemical pesticides and preservatives. This will attribute a lot to their popularity in the importing countries’ markets.  Organic grapes are much healthier for the body and are also environmental friendly.

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Grape cluster harvest

There are a lot of different types of Iranian grape cultivars which all have different harvesting season. Also Iranian grapes farmed in different cities of Iran with different climates, which can affect the harvesting time. But overall, most of the grape cluster for fresh consumption harvested at the end of the summer.
This is a good time for Iranian exports, because the grapes from the southern hemisphere not harvested at this time. They mostly consumed within the country or in the neighboring markets. There are also some amounts of exports to the European Union countries.

grape cluster for

Persian grape cluster for export

There are a lot of vineyards in Iran that produce high quality grapes clusters for exports. Exporting grapes is a big part of the Iranian economy and the country produces more grapes than the local market needs every year. There are also a lot of jobs in Iran that related to exporting grapes and other fruits.
There are also a lot of challenges in exporting grapes as well. The biggest challenge is to get the grapes to the markets fresh, as they are very sensitive fruit and have a short shelf life. Grapes are also very sensitive to heat, and the harvesting season of summer makes it even worse.

grape cluster for

The price per ton of grapes

The prices of Persian grape cluster for export changed every year based on the conditions of the production and exports. Also most of the exported Iranian grapes local varieties which not found anywhere else in the world. So Iran is the main distributer of them and there are no reference prices. Iranian grapes mostly sent to Middle Eastern countries and Russia.
So as a result of the short distance they will have a much lower transportation cost, and final retail prices. These affordable retail prices have helped to increase the popularity of the Iranian grapes over at the international markets. Iranian grapes are also very popular because of their organic nature, high quality and good taste.

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