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Persian cucumbers for exports to Russia

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Cucumber production in greenhouses in IranPersian cucumberExports of fruits and vegetables from IranPersian cucumber for exportCucumber export by Vitarad CompanyExports of cucumbers to Russia
cucumbers for exports

Cucumbers one of the most popular and commonly cultivated vegetables in the world, and can be found in every country’s cuisine. Iran is also one of the biggest producers of cucumbers in Asia and the world and every year, has a lot of Persian cucumber for exports to Russia and other countries.

Besides being a delicious addition to cuisines, cucumbers are extremely healthy and also can help with the body’s hydration. They are also very low in carbohydrates and sugars, and could be an amazing choice for people on a low calorie diet.

Persian cucumber is one of the best and most popular cultivars of these vegetables and enjoyed worldwide.

Persian cucumber

Cucumber production in greenhouses in Iran

Cucumbers are the biggest greenhouse products of Iran and account for a large sum of the country’s cucumber production. Greenhouses are more common in the central and southern states of Iran. These states don’t have a lot of water. So this method of farming, allows them to reach the highest level of production yield with the lowest amount of water.

Persian cucumber that are grown in greenhouses known for their extraordinary physical shape and the amazing taste. There are thousands of tons of these cucumbers harvested all over Iran every year. And also they sent to both local and international markets all over the world.

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Persian cucumber

Exports of fruits and vegetables from Iran

Iran is the largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the Middle East and North Africa. This amount of production also makes Iran one of the biggest producers of the world as well. Every year, millions of tons of Iranian fruits and vegetables like Persian cucumber, exported worldwide.

Most of the Iranian products exported to Middle Eastern countries like Iraq and the UAE. Russia is also a big importer of Iran’s agricultural products. The high quality of fruits and vegetables from Iran, made them known as a brand and they are in high demands on every international market.

Persian cucumber

Persian cucumber for export

Persian cucumber is one of the main agricultural exports of Iran. There are more than 200000 tons of cucumber exports from Iran, every year. The biggest importers of the Iranian cucumbers are countries like Iraq, Russia, United Arab Emirates, and Korea.

Most of the Iran’s fresh cucumbers are sent to neighboring and Middle Eastern countries. The short distance and the many sea and land borders between the countries, makes the shipments easier, and the overall final price of the products, lower. There also some Iranian cucumbers that also exported to many countries as pickles.

Persian cucumber

Cucumber export by Vitarad Company

Vitarad is one of the first and biggest fruit companies trading Iranian fruits and vegetables on the international markets. Persian cucumber is also one of their biggest and most popular products. These cucumbers collected from the finest open farms and greenhouses from all over the country.

They next sorted by type and size, and packaged in the boxes, specifically made for exports. These cucumbers then shipped directly to the international markets, and then distributed abroad. The cucumbers exported by this company is of the highest quality, among the Iranian cucumbers.

Persian cucumber

Exports of cucumbers to Russia

Russia is one of the largest and oldest importers of agricultural products from Iran. Cucumbers are also among the vegetables, sent to Russia every year on a commercial scale. In fact, Russians have doubled their cucumber import from Iran, in the recent years. There  thousands of tons of Persian cucumber sent to Russia every year. And they account for 27% of the total cucumber exports.

There is also much closeness and numerous ports between the two countries. These sea borders and the short distance have made the transportation process much cheaper and faster, which makes the overall process more convenient. Iranian cucumbers are also extremely popular on the Russian markets.

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