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Kiwi fruit wholesale

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Know the types of kiwiKiwi fruit wholesale priceĀ for exportKiwi fruit wholesale
Kiwi fruit wholesale

Kiwi fruit wholesale in Iran begins about 1 month after the beginning of the autumn season and continues until mid-December. Due to the cold weather and damage to the kiwi, harvesting kiwis after this period may cause great harm to the kiwi gardener.
At present, kiwifruit is exported with an annual amount of 300,000 tons, and Iran has been able to become the fourth kiwifruit producer in the world, and this has given a high potential for the export of this product to Iranian traders, and they can make kiwifruit. Export abroad.
Iranian kiwi has gained competition from other kiwi producing countries and has advanced to the heart of European markets. Most of the exported kiwifruit is grown and produced in the northern provinces of Iran such as Gilan and Mazandaran.

Know the types of kiwi

The most important type is the Hayward kiwi. Kiwi Hayward has brown skin and flesh is light green. Its most important cultivation place is in the north of the country.

Kiwi Hayward is a good source of vitamins C and A and minerals that are good for the human immune system.

Golden Kiwi: The sweetest type of kiwi has entered the market. And is traded in bulk. It has a very delicious taste
Red Kiwi: The newest type of kiwi that has just entered the market and its color is red. It has recently attracted a lot of people’s attention. And because of its red color, it is one of its unique features. Customers are trying to buy it.

Kiwi fruit wholesale priceĀ for export

Exporters who export large quantities of this fruit every year try to buy their products directly from the garden. The low purchase price of kiwi fruit is one of the main reasons for this.
Also, as an exporter, most foreign customers order kiwifruit with certain weights or calibers, which is difficult to do in the post-harvest time and inside the refrigerator.
But when the exporter rents the kiwi orchard, he packs it at the time of harvest according to the order of his foreign customers, which naturally makes the purchase price of the finished kiwi more reasonable for him.

Kiwi fruit wholesale

One of the goals of domestic producers is to bring kiwi fruit to foreign markets during the harvest season. To be able to have a successful business. Kiwis of northern cities are known in the world for their high quality and quality, and during the harvest season, this fruit is stored in cold storages to enter the market at a certain time of the day at a reasonable price. One of the buyer countries of Kiwi is in the north of Russia. Which earns a lot of money from Iranian trade every year. Therefore, Vita Rad is one of the reputable companies for Kiwi fruit wholesale export. That meets the needs of its customers.

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