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Isfahan greenhouse cucumber export from Iran

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Greenhouses in IsfahanProduce the best cucumber in the greenhouseHigh production of cucumbers in IsfahanPacking cucumbers in carton plastCucumber export from Iran
Greenhouse cucumber

The state of Isfahan in central Iran is one of the largest producers of this amazing vegetable in Iran. The Isfahan greenhouse cucumber exports from Iran, account for a large part of the Iranian agricultural exports, and are financially important in this state, as they create lots of jobs.

A large part of the cucumber markets from all over the world supplied by the high quality greenhouse cucumbers. These cucumbers are just as healthy ad nutritious as the open farm products and it is also much easier to grow them in greenhouses. Also they not limited to the region’s climate and weather anymore and can grown all over the world.

Greenhouse cucumber

Greenhouses in Isfahan

Growing cucumbers in greenhouses is more common in the central and southern states of Iran, like the state of Isfahan, which is a big cucumber producer. Greenhouses use less water and have a higher production rate than the traditional open farms, and it makes them ideal for the drier regions. Cucumbers grown in open farms require constant access to fresh water sources.

That why this method is more common in the northern states of Iran. Overall, there are thousands of tons of greenhouse cucumber production in the state of Isfahan. The cucumbers produced in this state are all high quality, and a popular in the foreign fruit markets in the Middle East.

Greenhouse cucumber

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Produce the best cucumber in the greenhouse

Greenhouses designed to control most of the environment and the temperature surrounding the cucumbers and other vegetables. Also this closed environment can be kept pest-free. This means that there no chemical pesticides used on the greenhouse cucumbers, and they can enjoyed without the need to peel the skin. They are also usually in perfect shape, and perfect for fresh consumption.

Besides having some startup costs, they are cheaper than traditional farming as well. Overall, greenhouses are becoming more and more popular for producing vegetables, all over the world.

Greenhouse cucumber

High production of cucumbers in Isfahan

Isfahan is one of the best places in Iran for cucumbers. The high quality of the open farms and greenhouse cucumbers produced in this state, is known all over the country and many foreign fruit markets. AS large part of the Iranian cucumber exports supplied from the products of Isfahan.

Cucumbers have also helped create a lot of jobs in this state and have become a large part of the local economy. There are more than 1200 hectares of greenhouse and open farms which are producing cucumbers in Isfahan. Every year, more than 40000 tons of cucumbers produced here.

Greenhouse cucumber

Packing cucumbers in carton plast

Cucumbers carefully separated based on type, and sizes before packaging. Packaging is a very important step in the export of cucumbers from Iran. Cucumbers are fragile vegetables, and having a thin skin makes them vulnerable to getting cuts and bruises along the way.

So the packages protect them during transportation, and also makes the process easier and faster. Cucumbers are also very sensitive to heat and direct sunlight, and the packages protect them against these, as well. Open farms and greenhouse cucumbers also packaged, exported, and distributed separately.

Greenhouse cucumber

Cucumber export from Iran

Iran is among the top 10 producers of cucumbers in the world, and has tons of open farm and greenhouse exports to many different countries of the world. Most of the Iranian cucumbers also exported to neighboring countries in the region. Russia is the number one customer and purchases more than 70% of the Iranian cucumbers.

The United Arab Emirates and Iraq are also two large Middle Eastern importers of these products. Iranian cucumbers are a favorite for fresh consumption in these countries. Their high quality, and the sweet seedless flesh, makes them ideal for enjoying raw. There are also some cucumber exports which used for making pickles, and are mostly done by many factories.

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