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Iranian Seedless grape export

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Iranian grape varietiesProduction of Seedless grape in IranCountries that buy grapes from IranExport Grapes From IranThe price of Iranian Seedless grape
Seedless grape

Iran is one of the biggest producer of grapes in the Middle East and even the world, and seedless types, account for a big part of the Iranian grapes productions. These grapes are especially popular for fresh consumption and there are a lot of Iranian seedless grape exports to many countries every year.
Seedless grapes are generally more popular for fresh consumption and are exported to many countries of the world especially for this purpose. They also come in a lot of shapes from small to big, and colors like yellow, green, red and black.
All of these grapes are packed with useful nutrients like antioxidants, and have benefits for the heart and body.

Seedless grape

Iranian grape varieties

There are hundreds of different cultivars of grapes harvested in Iran, but the problem is that most of them are seeded which is not a popular type for fresh consumption and exports. There are also some seedless types like Asgari, White, or red seedless grapes which are a little small and again unpopular for exports.
But, there are some popular seedless cultivars which have the required size and quality as well. These grapes are exported to many different countries of the world. They have also proven popular in those markets and are always in high demands on the international markets. A big part of Iranian vineyards are dedicated to harvesting seedless types.

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Seedless grape

Production of Seedless grape in Iran

Grapes produced on a very large scale in Iran, and Besides satisfying the local markets’ needs, the country hundreds of tons of exports as well. Seedless grapes are also a big and popular part of these products. They especially harvested for fresh consumption and very well received on the foreign markets.
Iranian grapes mostly grown organic and without the use of any harmful chemicals. A lot of studies have proven the amazing benefits of Organic fruit and promoted their usage. Even though harvesting organic fruit is harder, selling them is much easier.

Seedless grape

Countries that buy grapes from Iran

Most of the customers of the Iranian agricultural products, come from the Middle Eastern and neighboring countries. The same rules apply on the Iranian grape products. Russia, Iraq, and the united Arab Emirates are the largest importers of these Iranian grapes.
The most popular grapes over these international markets are the Iranian seedless grapes which are perfect for fresh consumption. Besides these neighboring countries, there are also some customers from the European Union countries. These customers are loyal to the Iranian suppliers because of the amazing quality of the grapes.

Seedless grape

Export Grapes From Iran

The amount of the exported Iranian grapes, passed the record braking amount of 107000 tons last year.
This high amount achieved by exporting high quality seeded and seedless grapes to many of the region’s countries. Iraq, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates were the biggest importers of the fruit respectively with more than 10000 tons each.
The West Azerbaijan state, is the largest exporter of grapes in the country. This state have exported 20000 tons of the total 176000 tons produced. Iranian grape production have always been on the rise and there are plans to expand exports.

Seedless grape

The price of Iranian Seedless grape

The Price of the seedless grapes are generally higher than the seeded grapes everywhere, and the Iranian products are no exception. This is because of the fact that they considered table grapes and used for fresh consumption. Table grapes are usually larger and sweet, and really high in quality.
Most of the seedless grapes products used for fresh consumption. Some small amounts of them also dried out to make raisins, which are popular among some people.
They also account for most of the traded grapes on the international markets, as countries mostly interested in importing table grapes. Since they are widely cultivated, they are available at the international markets all year long.

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