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Iranian Kiwi Suppliers

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How to buy kiwi?Kiwi season in IranThe selling price of Kiwi HaywardIranian Kiwi Suppliers
Iranian Kiwi Suppliers

Iranian Kiwi Suppliers usually rent kiwi orchards every year one month before harvesting the fruit, and this process is done when picking kiwis, and when orders start from export markets, they also start from the orders. They sort and package that this process is either sorted in small warehouses or that some Iranian Kiwi Suppliers such as Vitarad Group may own a cold store and pack kiwi at the cold storage level.
Due to the fact that the level of purchase order of Iranian kiwifruit from foreign customers is greatly increased, therefore, cold stores set up in kiwifruit-rich areas of Iran may not have the capacity of this volume of order for sorting and packaging, and therefore very Those who work in the field of sales and as Iranian Kiwi Suppliers have set up smaller halls where not only kiwi but also other fruits are packaged.

How to buy kiwi?

Most Iranian Kiwi Suppliers are also the main sellers of this fruit in the orchards, and if you have any questions about how to buy kiwifruit from Iran, we, as your manager, will help and cooperate in this field and will inform you that the ratio What kind of kiwi from your region of Iran is more suitable for your country in terms of quality and price, so you, foreign customers, can easily register your order from Vitarad Group.

In this article, we refer to some areas in Iran that have kiwifruit with a higher shelf life, but not all areas in these areas have only the highest quality level, which has been identified only by our agents in the purchase of kiwifruit from orchards and sufficient information. have. One of the most important areas to buy Iranian kiwi can be:

  • Tonekabon
  • Chalous
  • Talesh
  • Lamir
  • Lisar
  • Choober
  • Khotbe sara
  • Astara

Cited. As we said, in each of these areas, there are quality orchards as well as orchards whose kiwis have a lower shelf life.

Iranian Kiwi Suppliers

Kiwi season in Iran

If you are planning to buy kiwi from Iran for the first time, you should also pay attention to the harvest and export season of kiwi in Iran. Because usually every year before harvesting, some exporting companies sell barley for export without considering the fruit standards. These standards are the most important option to increase the shelf life of kiwi, and that is the amount of kiwi sugar and completion. It becomes kiwi juice.

These two types of items are very important for starting the export of Iranian kiwi, which is harvested every year in October, but the Iranian government announces the export time from November 6, and until then, the export of any kiwi in Iran is prohibited. So you, dear customers, can have the right planning at the time of purchase.

Iranian Kiwi Suppliers, if they work professionally, know and observe these standards well, but unfortunately, not all companies that work in the field of sales and as Iranian Kiwi Suppliers do not specialize in this field and only seek benefits. They are themselves that if you do not pay attention to these items at the time of purchase, you may suffer financial losses and your cargo will lose its quality when you arrive in the destination country.

Iranian Kiwi Suppliers

The selling price of Kiwi Hayward

Iran is the fifth largest producer of Hayward kiwi in the world, and the selling price of this fruit in Iran compared to countries such as
New Zealand
It is convenient and this competitive price of Iranian Hayward kiwi in foreign markets has caused customers to choose Iranian kiwi for purchase. This has been the case for the past 10 years. If you have not yet bought Iran Hayward Kiwi, it will be a great experience for you to be able to buy the best kiwi at the lowest daily rate.

Iranian Kiwi Suppliers

At present, considering that there are almost two months left until the harvest and export of kiwi in Iran, the selling price of Hayward kiwi in orchards has reached about 50 cents, which is a very reasonable price, and on the other hand, considering the cost Labor costs and some packaging costs in Iran are appropriate, so the cost of this kiwi for export is less calculated.

As a Iranian Kiwi Suppliers, as well as a specialized company in the field of kiwifruit export, Vitarad Group has the largest cold storage and mechanized sorting in the northwest of the country, which exports various varieties of Hayward kiwi, blood kiwi and golden kiwi to different countries.

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