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Iranian green sweet pepper for buying

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Sweet peppers are popular in the worldThe value of Green sweet pepper in cookingPrice per ton of sweet pepperExports of Green sweet pepper from IranBuying and selling sweet pepper in the market.
Green sweet pepper

Sweet peppers or as they are known internationally, bell peppers come in many different colors and can be one of the healthiest and most popular additions to every cuisine worldwide. Iran is among the top producers of these vegetables and many local companies are offering Iranian green sweet pepper for buying.

Green sweet pepper is an essential part of every kitchen, and can enjoyed raw, cooked, or as dried powders. They can offer a lot of benefits to the body, and the amazing thing is that they contain low calories and no fat or cholesterol. Having them on a regular basis, will supply a large part of the daily vitamin requirements and create a healthier lifestyle.

Green sweet pepper

Sweet peppers are popular in the world

These sweet peppers are healthy, full of different nutrients and minerals, colorful, and very sweet, and there are simply no reason for not loving them. Bell peppers contain very large amounts of vitamin C which acts as a powerful antioxidant for the body. Also very low in calories. And can added to any food without any worries about high sugar content or cholesterols, and other harmful things.
They are also very durable and can be grown in the greenhouses as well as open farms in different climate conditions. Iran a big producer and exporter of red, yellow and Green sweet pepper and it is the biggest supplier in the Middle East region.

Green sweet pepper

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The value of Green sweet pepper in cooking

The amazing high value of red, yellow, and Green sweet pepper could not described by words. They come in various colors, and all of them taste sweet and similar to each other. This will allow people to decorate their dishes by using these amazing colorful vegetables. But appearances aside, they are one of the richest sources of vitamin C, and very low in calories. The vitamin C content in a small bell pepper is even more than an orange, and adding them to your diet, will satisfy your daily requirements of the vitamin. There are also some levels of vitamin A in these sweet peppers.

Green sweet pepper

Price per ton of sweet pepper

There are a lot of different factors that come into action when setting the wholesale price of Green sweet pepper. First, Iran only produces around 1% of the global bell peppers and there are some major exporters which dominate the markets. These big producers usually set a reference price for everyone.
Bell peppers are available all year long. This is because of the capability of mass production in greenhouses, and as a result, the harvesting season will not affect the price very much. Different colored bell peppers also cost differently, and usually the red, and yellow types are more expensive.

Green sweet pepper

Exports of Green sweet pepper from Iran

Green sweet pepper are a large part of the Iranian agricultural exports. Nearly 40% of the Iranian bell pepper exports purchased by Russia. The United Arab Emirates is also a bug customer by importing 35% of the Iranian bell peppers every year. Most of these bell peppers exported to West Asian and Middle. Eastern countries with the Exception of Switzerland which is the only European importer.
Many Iranian and foreign companies are active in the sweet pepper business, as it is very profitable. Bell peppers will yield a lot of products against a very moderate affordable budget.

Green sweet pepper

Buying and selling sweet pepper in the market.

When it comes to the Iranian red, yellow and Green sweet pepper, sales would be really easy. These Iranian bell peppers are so healthy, that they technically sell themselves. They are sweet, in nice shape and delicious, based on the opinion of most people. There a few factors that contributed greatly to this rising popularity, including the high quality of the fruits.
They have also got a short ten days shelf life and it will be better for them to get exported as fast as possible. The shorter distances between the countries will also reduce the transportation costs and will be more profitable from now on. The lower retail prices will also keep the customers satisfied and more trusting towards the products.

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