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Iranian cucumber vendor for export

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Cucumber production in IranPreparing cucumbers for export from IranBuy the main cucumber from the Iranian cucumber vendorPrices per ton of cucumbersExports of Persian and barbed cucumbers from Iran
Iranian cucumber vendor

The cucumbers of Iran have an international fame around the Middle Eastern and West Asian markets, and are traded on very large scales in these regions. There are also a lot of Iranian cucumber vendor for export, which package these products and distribute them to the local and international fruit markets.

Iranian cucumber vendor is very active throughout the year and constantly export and distribute cucumbers to the foreign markets. There are many different types of Iranian cucumbers and all of them are healthy and full of different nutrients. They mostly used for fresh consumption in most countries, but they are also great for making pickles.

Iranian cucumber vendor

Cucumber production in Iran

Iran is one of the largest producers of cucumbers both in the Middle East and the world, and dominates a big portion of the global cucumber markets. Persian and Barbed cucumbers are the two most common cultivars in Iran and are also very famous on the international markets.

Cucumbers are the largest greenhouse product of Iran and produced in most states of the country. Greenhouses are more common in the central and southern Iran, because they have a lower water consumption. They also have a higher production rate and are available all year long. Iranian cucumber vendor export all of these different types of cucumbers globally.

Iranian cucumber vendor

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Preparing cucumbers for export from Iran

Open farm cucumbers have a specific harvesting season and found in only one season. On the other hand, because of the controlled environment, greenhouse cucumbers are available all year long. So the first step in preparing the cucumbers for export is collecting them from these producers.

Iranian cucumber vendor then packages these cucumbers in boxes with different capacities. The packaging is an essential step since it protects the products from physical harm and heat all along the way. The also make the transportation and storage of the cucumbers much faster and easier.

Iranian cucumber vendor

Buy the main cucumber from the Iranian cucumber vendor

As it was mentioned earlier, the two main common Iranian cucumber cultivars the Persian and Barbed cucumbers. Most of the Iranian cucumber vendor offer these cultivars as their main products. The Persian cucumbers are particularly popular for fresh consumption.

They have a sweet and firm flesh that has very few or no seed at all, and makes the raw consumption a great experience. They have also got a thin skin which attributes to their crunchy flesh texture. Barbed cucumbers are also popular for fresh consumption, but mostly targeted for making high quality pickles.

Iranian cucumber vendor

Prices per ton of cucumbers

Different cucumber cultivars have different wholesale prices on the international markets. Iranian cucumber vendor exports tons of products to many countries with various prices. Barbed and Persian cucumbers have different characteristics which will also affects their prices.

Grade A cucumbers used for fresh consumption and are more expensive than the others. There are also cucumbers with lower qualities which mostly used by factories for make pickles. These cucumbers are not necessarily lower in quality and might just have physical deformations that make them unpopular.

Iranian cucumber vendor

Exports of Persian and barbed cucumbers from Iran

Persian and Barbed cucumbers account for almost all of the products offered by the Iranian cucumber vendor. These cucumbers are popular all over the foreign markets due to their high quality and amazing taste. They also mostly grown organic, and are rich in different nutrients and vitamins. Russia is the largest importer of the Iranian cucumbers, despite being a large producer itself.

The annual production of Russia is higher than Iran, but still needs these high quality products to supply the markets. There are also a lot of Middle Eastern importers of Iranian cucumbers like the United Arab Emirates and Iraq. The short distance between these countries also helps to the faster and easier transportation.

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