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Iranian bell pepper market price

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Production of bell pepper in IranAll the variety of bell pepper colorsQuality of Iranian bell pepperBuy sweet peppers packedBell pepper market pricePrices of bell pepper export
Bell pepper market price

Bell pepper production in Iran has increased a lot over the past decade, as the public are becoming more and more interested in the vegetable. Iranian bell pepper market price is lower in the local markets of the producing regions, but they are also exported to a lot of countries.

Bell peppers also come in different shapes and a wide variety of colors. Which and can be produced in both open farms and greenhouses. With the ability of greenhouse farming, bell peppers can be produced almost everywhere in the world.

They have a lot of health benefits and are rich in vitamin C, so they can be the perfect addition to everybody’s diet.

Bell pepper market price

Production of bell pepper in Iran

Iran is one of the biggest producers of bell peppers in the Middle East and the world.Which and produces its peppers on a commercial scale and has exports to many countries. Bell peppers are produced in all the regions of Iran in both open farms and greenhouses.

The central and southern states of Iran mostly farm with the greenhouse method for water preservation and the ease of farming. Bell peppers have the highest amount in Iran’s greenhouse production and exported to six countries including Russia.

Currently, Iranian greenhouses’ production rate is around 15 kilograms per cubic meter. which is a really good figure for production and can reduce the bell pepper market price.

Bell pepper market price

All the variety of bell pepper colors

These vegetables come in a variety of colors that ranges from green to red, in some cases, brown, purple and even white. Technically, green bell peppers are the unripe immature versions of yellow, orange, and red peppers.
Red pepper is a Ripened version. This type of sweet pepper, which has remained the most healthy plant for a long time. These ripened red peppers contain 11 times more bate-carotenes and 1.5 time more vitamin C than the unripe green peppers.

Bell pepper market price

Quality of Iranian bell pepper

Iranian bell peppers are famous for their high quality. Most of them also grown organic and do not contain any chemical pesticides or preservatives. Bell pepper market price of these organic peppers are usually higher as it is harder and more expensive to raise them.

Bell peppers produced in different states of Iran under various conditions and climates. Some varieties of Iranian bell peppers are also very popular with the international markets and companies.

Bell pepper market price

Buy sweet peppers packed

Color bell peppers usually have a short shelf life and can lose their skin quality easily. So the most important duty of the packages is to keep bell peppers fresh, by protecting them from heat and constant contact with fresh air.

The packages come in different shapes and sizes and can store different weights of bell peppers within them. The companies make these packages from plastic of cardboard. As a result, and they are strong enough to protect the peppers from physical harm along the way.

Bell pepper market price

Bell pepper market price

Green bell peppers are usually a little cheaper than the orange and red types. This is because the fact that green bell peppers are actually unripe, and stay on the plant shorter, so they’ll have a lower production cost. Bell pepper market price also depends on the size and the type of the peppers.

Small peppers are again usually cheaper and less popular. Even though greenhouse peppers are available all year long, usually open farm organic peppers are more popular and expensive.

Bell pepper market price

Prices of bell pepper export

The most important thing in setting the exported bell pepper’s price is the transportation of the products. Different methods of shipment cost differently, and also the distance between the two countries could be an important indicator of the price.

Also there could shortages of production in some years due to the climate changes that can really change the prices. Greenhouse bell peppers also usually have a lower price, because their production is easier with higher yields and less costs than the open farms. Organic bell peppers are also in higher demand and usually cost a little more than the rest.

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