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Indian Mango International Trade

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Mango is a popular fruit in the worldInternational Mango TradeIndian Mango on the World MarketMango exports from IranMango Import Export Company in Iran
Indian Mango

India could called the capital of mangoes of the world, because besides being the birthplace of these magnificent fruits, India is also their largest producer with more than 18 million tons every year. This high amount of production, has made the Indian mango international trades very valuable.

Indian mango are very famous all over the world, and not only for their high amount of production, but also for their amazing quality and taste. India has the perfect warm tropical climate to produce these amazing fruits on large scales. They are very popular among the Indian people and are an inseparable part of the Indian dishes and their lifestyles.

Indian Mango

Mango is a popular fruit in the world

With the rise of internet and the easy access to information about fruit benefits, the popularity of mangoes has peaked and they are a part of the fruit markets in m0st countries. They have become so popular that even most non-producing countries are also importing large quantities of the fruit.

There are major producers of mangoes in Asia like India, Pakistan, and Philippines which supply lots of markets. Indian mango reach countries as far as Canada and are very popular in all of the markets. There are many South American countries which are producing mangoes as well. There is a very bright future for mangoes’ international trade markets.

Indian Mango

International Mango Trade

Mangoes among the top tropical fruits traded on the international markets of the world every year. The international mango trade is very important to the economy of the large producing countries. It’s a million dollar industry, and it is going to expand in size and value, in the very near future.

The mango market has recently became very competitive and many new countries are entering it. There are non-tropical regions of the world like Europe and the Middle East which targeted by most of the main producers. Also Indian mango are a great example of a popular international fruit.

Indian Mango

Indian Mango on the World Market

Indian bananas are absolutely essential to the world’s fruit trade market. More than 40% of the mangoes in the world produced in India, and that will allow the country to dominate a large part of the world market. Most of the Indian mango exported to the neighboring countries.

The Middle East is one of the favorite destination of these fruits and countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia are its biggest customers. There are mango production in every state in India. Mangoes are very important in the life of Indian people, and their international trades account for a lot of jobs in there.

Indian Mango

Mango exports from Iran

Iran has more than 20 different climates, which tropical is among them. But unfortunately for Iran, there are only small parts of the country with the appropriate climate for mango production. Some cities in the south of Iran produces less than 100000 tons of mangoes every year.

These mangoes mostly harvested while they green and used to make side products like pickles. These mango pickles are very popular in the region and the country, and there are many factories in that area. They are not as famous as Indian mango but there are exports to some neighboring countries.

Indian Mango

Mango Import Export Company in Iran

Over the last decade, mangoes have become one of the favorite tropical fruits on the Iranian markets. They have found their place in the Iranian lifestyle and can be found in most cities in Iran. Of course, a non-tropical country like Iran needs imports to supply its markets.

That’s where the importing and exporting companies come in, and fill this need in the market. A large part of the Iranian markets supplied by Indian mango but there are also imports from Pakistan and Philippines as well. There are also some minor imports from South American mango producers, but they are very low because of the long distance. Asian mangoes are quite popular in Iran, and they will reach the markets really fresh.

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