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Import green banana packed from India

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What is Green Banana?Green Banana BenefitsBanana packing in carton plastIndian green banana exportsImport green banana packed to Iran
Green banana packed

Indian bananas exported while they are still unripe and green, in order for them to stay fresh and unharmed during the long hours of transportation. Iran among the largest importers of these fruits, and many companies import green banana packed from India, every harvesting season.

Bananas the most popular and traded fruits in the world, and 150 million tons of them produced in the tropical regions of the world. Most non-tropical countries import green banana packed from big producers of the world like India and Ecuador. The banana industry is a very large multi-billion-dollar industry and is constantly expanding as well.

Green banana packed

What is Green Banana?

Green bananas are actually the unripe immature versions of normal yellow bananas. Producers intentionally harvest bananas while they are still green in order to keep them fresh and unripe all along the way, and ship them to the destination countries much easier.

Bananas have the ability to ripen when they are of the plant and can ripened in storage room when exposed to certain chemicals. All these stages performed because of the short shelf life of ripened bananas. Yellow bananas will go bad in a week, and it would be impossible to export them in that condition. That’s why all countries import green banana packed.

Green banana packed

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Green Banana Benefits

Almost all of the non-tropical countries of the world import green banana packed and there are many benefits to these amazing fruits. Banana loaded with fiber, and high fiber foods are said to be good for the heart. They are also rich in various nutrients like potassium, calcium, manganese, magnesium, and iron.

The high content of potassium in bananas can help regulate heart beat and blood pressure. The high iron content in bananas is also a great way to help the body in producing red blood cells. Overall, there are countless benefits to consuming bananas on a regular basis.

Green banana packed

Banana packing in carton plast

Like any other fruit, the packaging of bananas is also important in their exports. Even tough, in banana’s case the packaging is more common in the distribution step. Many large companies Export their green bananas in large containers without packaging them separately.

There also a lot of companies which sell and export their green banana packed. The skin of the bananas are very sensitive to force and cuts, and can easily turn brown and physically deform the fruit. So the boxes must be made strong enough to protect the bananas all along the way till they get to the markets.

Green banana packed

Indian green banana exports

More than 20% of the global bananas produced in India, which is nearly 30 million tons of the fruit. With this high amount of production, India is definitely one of the largest banana suppliers of the world. India has banana exports to many different countries from all over the world.

Green banana packed in this country is very popular in all international fruit markets. Most of the exports of the country are sent to Middle Eastern countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia. The European Union as the largest importer of bananas in the world, also buy large quantities of Indian bananas.

Green banana packed

Import green banana packed to Iran

As it was mentioned before, Iran is among the largest importers of bananas in the world with the annual amount of early 800000 tons. These bananas imported from many different destinations but mostly from Asian producers. India is one of the largest suppliers of the Iranian banana market. Green banana packed in this country exported to the Iranian markets on large scales.

The short distance and the high quality of the Indian bananas are important reasons for this big trade. There also may different types of bananas imported to the Iranian fruit markets, with the most common being the Cavendish. Iran also imports green bananas from countries like Philippines, Thailand, and Ecuador.

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