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Greenhouse Cucumber Production in Iran

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Cucumber is a consumable productIranian Greenhouse Cucumber ProductionCucumber production in four seasonsGreenhouse cucumber export from IranPrices per ton of Iranian cucumbers
Greenhouse Cucumber Production

Producing fruits and vegetables in seasons other than their own season has become one of the most profitable activities of farmers in today’s world. It seem greenhouse cucumber production in Iran has also become popular among the farmers to provide the consumers’ needs in other seasons.

Greenhouse cucumber production is possible nearly everywhere in most countries and brings much profit to the producers. Also greenhouse production requires less space but the yield can be much more than that of the traditional way of agriculture. Not only does greenhouse production require less space but also costs less and profits much more than the traditional way.

Greenhouse Cucumber Production

Cucumber is a consumable product

As one of the greenhouse products, cucumber highly demanded in all seasons and is a consumable product all over the world. Greenhouse cucumber production supplies the consumers’ demand for this vegetable everywhere and every time. Cucumber might be one of the vegetables that consumed all the seasons and in different forms such as pickle, salad, etc.

With lots of benefits it has for the body, it is one of the most favorites. Not only as a food, it also used as a natural skin mask by many women. And for those who go on a diet and eat salad as the main meal, cucumber might be an out of question ingredient in their salad.

Greenhouse Cucumber Production

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Iranian Greenhouse Cucumber Production

Iran is one of the countries that the greenhouse production of agriculture products has recently started. The ease of producing this fruit in greenhouses has made many farmers to produce cucumber in greenhouses. As greenhouse cucumber production requires less water, the farmers won’t worry about producing it.

The production of cucumber in greenhouses would be also possible in every season. Also, the great demand for this vegetable all around the country and the world makes it much more profitable. Therefore, many farmers tend to start modern agriculture for higher profits.

Greenhouse Cucumber Production

Cucumber production in four seasons

The production of cucumber can conducted in greenhouses in four seasons and in any place with any weather condition. This vegetable produced and consumed in four seasons all around the world. Greenhouse cucumber production is highly profitable in seasons other than its season.

This vegetable produced in four seasons in Iran to exported to other countries where the production costs much more than importing. Therefore, Iran can grab the chance of being the first exporter in the area. This is mostly because of the low cost of greenhouse production of cucumber in Iran.

Greenhouse Cucumber Production

Greenhouse cucumber export from Iran

Since the greenhouse cucumber production costs less than many countries, the export of cucumber from Iran is on the rise. Iran is supplying a great amount of the neighboring countries’ demands for cucumber because of the quality and the lower price. As the greenhouse production cost is low in Iran, the international market price for this vegetable is quite good.

The main cities producing greenhouse cucumber in Iran are Tehran, Alborz, Isfahan, Kerman and Yazd. The produced greenhouse cucumber in these cities mostly exported to Middle East countries, Russia, Iraq and Turkmenistan.

Greenhouse Cucumber Production

Prices per ton of Iranian cucumbers

One of the most important things in importing vegetables is the price which comes after the quality of the product. The price of the product must be such that the importing and exporting countries get benefitted. The prices per ton of Iranian cucumber mostly depends on its type, but usually ranges from about 200 dollars to 450 dollars per ton.

This price is very low in comparison to many other cucumber producing countries. Greenhouse cucumber production of Iran is very high and most of it exported to other neighboring countries. The low price and high quality of this product causes higher export of this vegetable. Also, the availability of this fruit in all four seasons has made Iran a good exporting country.

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