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Export Red Delicious apple fruit from Iran

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Apple production in IranRed Delicious apple tasteRed Delicious apple buyers from IranExport apple fruit from IranPrices of Red Delicious apple
Apple fruit from Iran

There Are many different globally popular apple cultivars that farmed and harvested in Iran on a commercial scale. There are also many big and small fruit companies that export Red Delicious apple fruit from Iran to many countries in both the Middle East and the world.

Apple production in Iran dates back to thousands of years ago, and now, Iran is one of the world’s top producers of the fruit. There hundreds of different varieties of local and global apple cultivars grown in the Iranian farms, but the most popular are Red and Golden Delicious apples. These varieties are also popular on the international trade markets.

Apple fruit from Iran

Apple production in Iran

Iran is the largest producer of apples in the Middle East and North Africa, and also among the biggest in the world. Iran produces around 3.7 million tons of fresh apples every year in many different states with different climates. There are a lot of local Iranian apple cultivars that are grown in different regions, but most farms, grow internationally popular varieties.

More than two million tons of whole apple fruit, which is the share of exports from Iran’s bazaars. Among the apple exports are high quality red and gold apples targeting the export market. Iranian apples are known all over the world as a brand. Also and are always extremely popular and in high demands in the neighboring markets.

Apple fruit from Iran

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Red Delicious apple taste

Red Delicious one of the most widely grown apple varieties worldwide. Also and accounts for most of the apple fruit from Iran. This variety comes with a bright vibrant red color which makes it popular in the markets. These apples medium sized, with a tall conical shape, which ranks them among top shelf fruits.

They have a sweet taste and a firm flesh which are signs of a good quality apple. Also, studies have shown that Red Delicious, among some other cultivars have the highest amounts of antioxidants among apples. They first cultivated in the 19th century in the United States.

Apple fruit from Iran

Red Delicious apple buyers from Iran

Iranian Red Delicious apples very well known and popular among the Middle Eastern and neighboring countries. As a result of this popularity, most of the apple production in Iran dedicated to producing Red and Golden Delicious apples.

Around 1.2 million of the total 3.7 million of the Apple fruit from Iran are of this cultivar. Iraq is the largest importer of Iranian Red Delicious apples in the Middle East. There some Apples exported to countries like Azerbaijan and the United Arab Emirates as well. Russia is also supplying its apple markets from the high quality Iranian apples.

Apple fruit from Iran

Export apple fruit from Iran

Iran exports its apples to more than 20 countries in the world every year. Based on the reports, there have also been a 70% raise in the amounts of production and exports over the past 10 years. The country exports around 145000 tons of apples every year, mostly to the neighboring countries.

Apple fruit from Iran are mostly sent to countries like Russia, Iraq, and the United Arab Emirates. Also more than half of the Iranian apple exports are of the Red and Golden Delicious cultivars. They are among the most popular international apple varieties which makes their exports easier.

Apple fruit from Iran

Prices of Red Delicious apple

There are a lot of different factors that affect the final price of the apples in these competitive markets. Apple production is constantly increasing in the world and there are new exporters every year. These new competitors all try to export the highest quality apples with the lowest prices available.

One of the biggest costs in the process of fruit exports is the transportation costs that accounts for a big part of the product’s retail price. New technologies have made these processes much cheaper, faster, and safer. This fact can help the exporting countries to stay competitive in the new international markets. Red Delicious apple fruits from Iran are also among the more popular apple cultivars in the region.

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