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Export of raisin grapes from Iran

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What is raisin special grape?Raisin production of grapesProducing raisin grapes in IranPrices per ton of Iranian grapesExport grapes from Iran
Raisin grapes

Iran is the 8th largest producer of grapes in the world, and like many other countries, all of the grapes of Iran are used for fresh consumption and making side products like raisins. The export of raisin grapes from Iran accounts for around 40% of the total grape production and is a big part of the economy.

Raisin grapes are one of the most common products of grapes and have a lot of usage and benefits for the body. They have natural fruit sugar within them which is not as harmful as the other commercial sugars, and can used as a side with tea or other drinks. They also full of energy and mixed with other nuts, can be a good snack for school children.

Raisin grapes

What is raisin special grape?

Around 40% of the Iranian grapes dried out in the factories to make high quality raisins which have a lot of applications in the country. There are a lot of different cultivars of raisin grapes in Iran, but usually the sweet seedless grapes like the Asgari cultivar, used for this purpose.

Raisins are very popular among the Iranian people, and besides being used as a healthy snack, are a part of many different Iranian dishes. They are also exported by the country. Raisins produced in Iran, are just as popular as the Iranian grapes all over the world. Many international fruit companies, offer Iranian raisins among their best selling products.

Raisin grapes

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Raisin production of grapes

Raisins are one of the main products of Iran, and many vineyards all over the country produced high quality raisin grapes. More than 7% of the total raisin exports of the world, done by the Iranians. Also since raisins dried out, they don’t have an expiry date and are available all year long.
This country also among the top producers of this product in the world. As a result of this high amounts of production, Iran is currently one of the biggest suppliers of raisins all over the world. Many countries in the European Union, supply their raisin markets from the Iranian products.

Raisin grapes

Producing raisin grapes in Iran

Different types of raisin grapes produced in different cities of Iran with various climates. There many different raisin cultivars produced in Iran and each of them has got its own characteristics. They usually have differences in terms of colors, which could be green, brown, or black, and taste.
There also different types of raisins which dried out to different degrees for various purposes. Raisins used in many Iranian dishes, and also found in cookies and ice cream. They also consumed raw by many people as a healthy alternative to other sweets like chocolates.

Raisin grapes

Prices per ton of Iranian grapes

The prices of the Iranian raisins could different based on many factors. First and the most important, is the raisin grape’s cultivar, as some grape varieties produced higher quality raisins than others. Usually, the sweeter the grape is, the higher will the quality and the price of the raisins will be.

So as a result, high quality table grapes are the best options for making the best quality raisins. They are also very versatile and are not sensitive to heat nor do they require fast transportations. So with this long expiry dates, lots of shipping methods will be available which can reduce the prices.

Raisin grapes

Export grapes from Iran

Iran is one of the main producers of high quality raisin grapes in the world, which have made its products very popular worldwide. Currently, Iran has raisin exports to all of the world’s five continents. Most of the Iranian raisins exported to Asian countries. The biggest importers in Asia include the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, and Kuwait.
Europe is the second biggest importer after Asia with a small difference. Many big European countries like the Netherlands, Russia, Spain, and Germany purchase and import the high quality Iranian raisins every year. There are also exports to many African countries, Canada, and Australia, and these exports not limited to a specific season.

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