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Export Indian mango to Iran

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Export Indian mango

Does India export Indian mango to Iran? The answer is “Yes” and we can say that it has been so long that India is exporting one of its great agricultural products to Iran. India is very famous for this fruit and it exports a large amount of this fruit to other countries among which Iran is one of the importers.

As the largest mango producing country, India exports this fruit to the world market and has gained a good fame in this regard. Producing this fruit in large quantities has made the country to provide a good global market for this delicious tropical fruit. The competition with other mango producing countries also causes the quality supply of this fruit.

Export Indian mango

Quality mangoes in India

India is one of the biggest mango producing countries in the world and usually provides quality fruits for export. To export Indian mango, the exporting companies usually buy the high-quality mangoes from farmers. Then, these companies sort out the fruit in carton boxes for shipping to the importing countries.

This is the way that this fruit gets ready for export to the global market. India needs to do so because of the competition with other countries over attracting the importing countries. The importers are also looking for the quality and lower price which India provides for them.

Export Indian mango

Export Indian mango to the world

As everyone knows, mango is native to India and the companies that export Indian mango supply about 50 percent of the mango in the global market. China, the neighboring country of India is producing mango but as there is a demand, this country even imports mangoes.

The mango produced in India is not only exported to China, but also to other countries. This is because India wants to keep the global market under control. In this regard, Ecuador is competing with India. In order to keep the market, India needs to lowers the market price and also increase quality.

Export Indian mango

Indian Mango Prices in the World Market

India is providing a large amount of the mango in the world and many countries import Indian mango. What factors should the companies follow to export Indian mango? The companies should provide the lowest price available for the importing companies.

These companies should also care more about the customer satisfaction in the World Market. The price of Indian mango is always reasonable and that’s why they are usually successful in exporting this fruit to the world. India has ranked the first in exporting mango because of the large area under cultivation.

Export Indian mango

Import Indian Mango to Iran

There are many Iranian companies which work with the companies which export Indian mango to Iran. Iranian companies import Iranian mango due to many reason. These companies import Indian mango mostly because India is very close and they are not paying too much for shipping. Another reason can be the packing of mangoes which are usually sorted out in carton boxes for the easy shipping.

Export Indian mango

Buy Indian Mango in Iran

Iran is one of the many countries that imports Indian mango due to its quality and its price. Not only Iran, but many other countries prefer importing mangoes from India. It is also beneficial for Iran to export Indian mango because of the distance as well as other factors. Iran has provided a very good market for the Indian mango and many Indian export companies are now working with the Iranian companies.

Iranian companies work with the Indian export companies because they can provide the fruit in a reasonable price. Also, the Indian companies are able to supply your demands in a shorter time than any other country. The Iranian companies are also profitable for the India companies in this regard.

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