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Ecuador banana exports to Iran

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Statistics on banana consumption in the worldBanana production in EcuadorExport bananas from EcuadorEcuador banana exports to Middle EastWholesale prices of bananas
Ecuador banana exports

Whenever you hear the name banana, the country of Ecuador come into mind, and this country has been dominating the International banana market for a long time. Ecuador banana exports to Iran and other Middle Eastern countries is a multi-million dollar industry that even has more room to grow.

Bananas among the major heavily traded fruits on the global markets and are very important to many countries’ economies. They are tropical fruit and are grown mostly in South American, and East Asian countries.

Ecuador is the biggest name in the banana industry, and Ecuador’s banana exports have been reaching all the corners of the world for many decades.

Ecuador banana exports

Statistics on banana consumption in the world

Bananas are a big part of the local dishes and cuisines in many tropical countries and are as important as wheat for them. Even in some countries, people consume more than 200 kilograms of bananas each, every year. These fruits are also well known all over the world and exported to every corner of the globe.

The global banana business is an industry worth billions of dollars and it is also constantly expanding due to the increasing number of farms and exporters. India accounts for a quarter of bananas consumed worldwide. Ecuador banana exports are also increasing all over the world, and people are demanding more, every year.

Ecuador banana exports

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Banana production in Ecuador

Ecuador is among the top 5 producers of bananas in the world with the annual production of 8 million tons. Most of these bananas are grown in private banana plantations. Also Ecuador produces around 6% of the total bananas in the world.

A lot of national and international companies like Chiquita, and dole, transport Ecuadorian bananas all over the world and make them the biggest exporter in the world. Most of the country has the perfect climate for producing high quality bananas. These bananas are known as a brand and are the most popular products, on the international markets.

Ecuador banana exports

Export bananas from Ecuador

Even though Ecuador is the 5th biggest producer of the bananas in the world, it is its biggest exporter. The Ecuador banana exports account for around 25% of the total international markets. 80 percent of these bananas exported by big International fruit companies like Chiquita, Del Monde, and Dole.

Russia the biggest importer of this country’s bananas with buying more than 20% of the total exported amount. The banana prices are a lot cheaper in Ecuador, and you can find bananas in most of the local dishes. Their products found in all the continents of the world every year.

Ecuador banana exports

Ecuador banana exports to Middle East

A bug sum of the Ecuador’s banana exports are to Middle Eastern and West Asian countries. Iran is one of the biggest importers of the fruit in the world and probably the biggest in the Middle East. And also Iran imports most of its bananas from East Asian countries like India, and Philippines.

Ecuador and Iran are so far from each other and the transportation costs will be so high. But even though, the high quality of the Ecuadorian bananas, makes the country the 5th biggest exporter of bananas to Iran. Other Middle Eastern countries also interested in the high quality and marketability of these bananas.

Ecuador banana exports

Wholesale prices of bananas

Banana prices are much lower in Ecuador than the rest of the world due to the high amounts of production and plantations. Also the wholesale prices are definitely lower than the retail prices of the fruit. The biggest factor in determining the Ecuador’s banana export’s prices, are the transportation costs. The further the importing country, the higher the shipping costs and the market prices will be.

Another important factor is also the banana’s variety as some types are higher in both quality and prices. The most popular bananas internationally are the Cavendish type which account for more than 50% of the world’s bananas. Also the season of the year sometimes has an effect on the international banana prices.

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