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Cucumber exports packed in carton plast

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Producing the best quality cucumbers in IranPacking cucumbers in cartonPurchase order from foreign customersCucumber exports packedIranian Cucumber Wholesale Prices
Cucumber exports

Cucumbers produced in the greenhouses and open farms of Iran on very large commercial scales and are the largest Iranian vegetable exports. Many of the top Iranian fruit trading companies have cucumber exports packed in carton plasts and send them to many countries of the world.

Cucumbers are one of the most popular vegetables on the international market, and that makes cucumber exports a huge international industry. They are full of different nutrients and vitamins, and also a great source of water for the body and skin. They can prevent dehydration and are a great low calorie snack for people on diets of diabetes patients.

Cucumber exports

Producing the best quality cucumbers in Iran

Iran is the largest producer of cucumbers in the Middle East, and is very famous for its high quality products on the international markets. Most of the Iranian cucumbers are grown in some of the finest open farms and greenhouses in the world. They are also organic which means they do not receive any harmful chemical preservatives and pesticides in the farming process.

Middle Eastern fruit markets are the largest importers of these cucumbers and they are really loved there. They mostly used for fresh consumption but there are also some which exported for making pickles. The two most popular types are Persian and Barbed cucumber exports.

Cucumber exports

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Packing cucumbers in carton

The packaging and separation of these vegetables is very important in cucumber exports. The packages make the transportation of cucumbers easier and also protect them. Cucumbers need to protected from heat and physical harms all along the way.

Also these packages must be made airtight in order to keep the cucumbers fresh for longer. Especially in case of the organic Persian cucumbers which do not contain any chemical preservatives to extend their shelf lives. The companies make boxes from cardboard and plastic, in many different sizes with various capacities.

Cucumber exports

Purchase order from foreign customers

The number one destination for the Iranian cucumber exports is Russia in the north. Russia has one of the largest cucumber markets in the whole world. Russia even produces more cucumbers than Iran, but still imports large quantities of the vegetables from many different suppliers.

There are also a lot of purchase order for the Iranian cucumbers from Middle Eastern countries. Iraq and the united Arab Emirates are the largest Middle Eastern customers of the Iranian cucumbers. Most of the fruit companies active in the region are getting these cucumber purchase orders.

Cucumber exports

Cucumber exports packed

Iranian packed cucumber exports are a large part of the country’s economy. Many different cities in Iran are large producers of the vegetable and known for their cucumbers. Cucumbers are a large part of these people’s lives ad account for lots of jobs in these cities.

The fruit trading companies collect the finest cucumbers from these farms or the local markets and package them for exports. The grade A products packed in nice boxes and will target the top luxurious markets of Iran and foreign countries. There are also a lot of grade B products which used for making pickles.

Cucumber exports

Iranian Cucumber Wholesale Prices

The wholesale price of the Iranian cucumber exports can change based on many different factors. Fortunately, cucumbers can grown in both open farms and greenhouses in Iran. As a result of this method, their production not limited to one season, and they are available all year long for exports.

Certainly Persian cucumbers also considered to be one of the best cucumber cultivars in the world with their high quality. Also this popularity allows them to target the top international fruit markets with a really good price. Barbed cucumbers are also very popular for making some of the best pickles. Many factories in Iran and the neighboring countries import these cucumbers for pickle making every year.

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