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Production of sweet green pepperThe use of sweet green pepper in cookingPicking and packing sweet peppersSweet pepper exports from IranBuy Iranian sweet pepper
Sweet green pepper

Green sweet bell peppers are among the most popular and common vegetables on the international markets and are traded on huge commercial scales all over the world. There are also a lot of fruit companies in Iran that buy sweet green pepper for export directly from the farmers and local markets.

Sweet green pepper is extremely delicious, but more importantly they are full of different nutrients and minerals such as vitamin C. These peppers are one of the greatest natural sources of this vitamin, which is an anti-oxidant and can help boost the immune system. You can also farm these bell peppers in a wide variety of climates and countries.

Sweet green pepper

Production of sweet green pepper

There are Millions of tons of bell peppers produced in the world every year, which makes them one of the most popular vegetables among all countries. All of the main colors of bell peppers come from the same plant and green sweet peppers are actually the immature unripe version among all of them.

They will turn yellow, orange, and finally red, which is the most mature and nutritious version. Even though Sweet green pepper is lower in minerals and vitamins, they are still popular all over the world. They enjoyed raw, or added to many different dishes and cuisines. They can also produced in greenhouses, which is a bonus for them.

Sweet green pepper

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The use of sweet green pepper in cooking

Bell peppers on general one of the most common vegetables used in cooking, both in restaurants and houses. The most important reason for this popularity is their sweet taste. They also come in a wide variety of attractive colors with the same sweet taste.

They wouldn’t affect the final taste of the food that much and can used to decorate the food with their amazing colors. Sweet green pepper is the most popular color on the international markets and traded on large commercial scales. A medium sized sweet bell pepper can supply the daily required vitamin C of two adults.

Sweet green pepper

Picking and packing sweet peppers

Since bell peppers grown in both open farms and greenhouses, their harvest not limited to a season and they are available all year long. They can also harvested in different stages of their growth. In many cases, they harvested while they are still green and sent for packaging.

Sweet green pepper packaged separately from the other colors and have different demands on the markets. The packaging of the bell peppers is also very important and can protect them against physical harms and heat. It will also make their transportation and distribution much easier for companies.

Sweet green pepper

Sweet pepper exports from Iran

Iran is one of the largest producers of bell peppers both in the world and the Middle East. Most of the countries in these regions does not have enough bell pepper production to supply their local markets. They choose Iran as their main supplier and are always very eager to import the Iranian products.

This is mostly because of the high quality and amazing taste of the Iranian Sweet green pepper. The short distance between the countries is also a very important factor. It will decrease the transportation costs, which will allow the markets to offer the products with lower prices.

Sweet green pepper

Buy Iranian sweet pepper

It is quite easy these days to buy Iranian sweet peppers both in the Middle East or other regions of the world. There are more than 20 countries which purchase Iranian bell peppers on a yearly basis. As it was mentioned before, most of them are from the Middle Eastern and neighboring countries. Russia is the largest customers of Iranian sweet peppers with importing nearly 40% of them.

The United Arab Emirates follows closely with around 35% of annual production. Switzerland is also the largest European importer of these Iranian sweet bell peppers. There also different colors and cultivars of bell peppers exported to these countries, with the Sweet green pepper being among the most popular.

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