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Buy premature kiwi for export from Iran

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Kiwi production in northern cities of IranPicking premature kiwi from the treeBuy kiwi from farmerKiwi exports from IranPrice per ton of kiwi
Premature kiwi

Kiwi is a winter fruit. Best place for buy premature kiwi for export from Iran the northern cities of Iran are like Gilan and Mazandaran. According to some sources Iranian exporters of premature kiwi exports to other countries eliminates the validity of Iranian kiwi and it undermines the trust of foreign customers.

One of the ways to ripe premature kiwi is this that they put on paper with one of these fruits(apple-pears-banana). The gas that comes from these fruits causes the ripe of kiwi fruit. For buy this kiwi and export it to other countries should the first season picked this fruit and then put it in the appropriate package in the box to exported to other countries.

Premature kiwi

Kiwi production in northern cities of Iran

Also kiwi production such that over 99 percent of the world’s kiwi grow belongs to Hayward’s figure. Which due to the ease of rooting in Mazandaran to cutting method and in Gilan produce modified seedlings are chisel bonding method. Kiwi production should be high humidity and rain. That is why the cities of northern of Iran like Gilan and Mazandaran it is one of the best cities to cultivate this fruit.

Because they harvest the kiwi until late fall early cold causes product breakdown that’s why they harvest the fruit in the form of premature kiwi and then by storing it in anbar along with the rest of the fruits cause are get fruit.

Premature kiwi

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Picking premature kiwi from the tree

To pick premature kiwi from the tree should be pick fruit from the tree earlier than harvest time. This work cause to prevented from the ruin of the fruit against the cold. The kiwi tree usually starts fruiting 3-4 years later and at the age of 8-10 is full of fecundity.

Picking kiwi in eastern Mazandaran from the first day of the azar and it is possible in Astara 15 days’ sooner. This fruit tight and sour when picked up and not pleasant to Iranian tastes should be Keep at least 1 week in an environment with a temperature of 15 degra. This fruit washed off after planted from the tree in water and disinfectant.

Premature kiwi

Buy kiwi from farmer

The advantage of buying directly from the farmer himself is that it is also more cost effective and the product does not have to remain in stock and it comes directly the farmer to the customer and goes a little way and it causes less damage to the fruit.

For buy premature kiwi the farmer should pick up before the start of the season and straight from the garden and buy the fruit farmer himself. When the fruit comes from the farmer to the fruit market due to the intermediation of several people price rises slightly and if you do not go early in the morning to buy fruit until noon all the damaged fruits will get you.

Premature kiwi

Kiwi exports from Iran

To export any kind of fruit including kiwi must put the quality product in the export basket. Otherwise this fruit will raise or lower the credibility of Iran and it can attract or reduce a lot of customers. Kiwi exports are the main hub for winter fruit exports it must always be successful to make Iran famous.

One of the products that earlier than promised as a newborn exported to other countries premature kiwi and this is wrong kiwi much more sour at this stage and it many not fit all tastes so the export of any fruit should done in it season so that it will cause celebrate the name of Iran.

Premature kiwi

Price per ton of kiwi

One of the matters it important in buying and selling and export any fruit it price which in ordinary buy and sell in kilograms and it calculated for export in tons. It is report the price of kiwi has been raised in tons I must tell you that the price of kiwi is different according to premature and it is ripe.

The price of premature kiwi considered to be a nourishing fruit it little more than ripe kiwi because the ripe kiwi has stayed longer in storage and later than his season he reached the customer. For determine the price per ton of kiwi the first price of the kilo will calculated on the market until then the price per ton calculated. In general kiwi is a winter fruit and tonic at the right price.

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