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Banana imports to Iran

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Banana buyers in IranWho is the largest exporter of bananas?Indian banana importsBanana imports from EcuadorIran banana importersBanana prices in Iran
Banana imports

Bananas are one of the most cultivated and popular fruits on the planet and Iran is not an exception in case of consumption of bananas. Banana imports to Iran is a big part of the country’s international trade and it makes Iran one of the biggest markets for the banana industry of the world.

Banana industry is one of the largest fruit industries in the world. Furthermore The banana industry is tens of billions of dollars annually. Most of the bananas go into export and international trade for consumption in the Western countries.

There are more than 20 million tons of bananas exported all over the world with Ecuador and the Philippines as the leading exporters.

Banana imports

Banana buyers in Iran

The people of Iran are big banana consumers. Hence the local production in the south of Iran cannot meet the local market’s demands. That’s why there is an average of 700000 tons of bananas imported to Iran every year.  Banana imports to Iran is a multi-million dollar industry. Almost in Iran, there are many private companies or people who buy bananas from exporting countries.

Banana imports contains about 2% of the total weight of Iranian imports, and around 1.2% of the total import value. Also with the rise of banana farming in Iran and its production increase, the total import amounts are slowly decreasing every year.

Banana imports


Who is the largest exporter of bananas?

The South American country of Ecuador is the largest banana exporter in the world. Therefore, it will be sent to more than 70 countries. 80% of Ecuador’s bananas are distributed via big fruit companies like Chiquita and Del Monde.

The banana industry is a really big part of the work force and the economy of the country its people. The bananas of Ecuador are sent to 71 countries of the world including European Union countries and Iran.

Banana imports

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Indian banana imports

India is the biggest banana producing country of the world. It produces around 29 million tons of bananas every year. It is also the 5th biggest suppliers of bananas in the Iranian markets with the annual amount of 11000 tons.

The short distance between the countries and the lower transportation costs, makes the banana imports from India more convenient. Also the high quality of the Indian bananas have made them very popular in the Iranian local markets.

Banana imports


Banana imports from Ecuador

Ecuador generates an average of 8 million tons of bananas every year. As a result, it makes it the largest banana producer in the world. Ecuador is also the biggest exporters of the fruit and account for around 25% of the total banana export.

Most of these bananas exported all over the world by big international companies like Chiquita and Dole. Also Ecuador is the 2nd biggest supplier of bananas in Iran after Philippines and is an important part of the market in Iran.

Banana imports


Iran banana importers

This fruit is a big part of the Iranian fruit market. Philippines is the number one exporter of bananas in the Iranian markets. There are also a lot of bananas from India and South American countries like Ecuador.

These banana imports done through countries like Turkey in the west, and the United Arab Emirates in the south. These days, officials are planning to expand banana local farms in the south. It seems to reduce import volumes in the future.

Banana imports

Banana prices in Iran

Bananas are extremely popular in Iran and mostly imported from foreign countries. So they considered a delicacy ad are a little pricy in the local markets.  The price of the bananas mostly depends on the country of the origin.

Some countries, such as Ecuador, produce a high-quality banana that known as a trusted brand across the globe and priced slightly higher. Also, the specie, size and season of the harvest are important in setting the banana’s market price.

Of course, there are other indicators on the banana’s price like the shipping costs, storage, distribution, security and labor.

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