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Banana export price to Iran

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Banana producers in the worldBuyers of bananas in IranBanana exports to IranPrices per ton of bananasBanana export price
Banana export price

Bananas are among the biggest food crops traded internationally, with millions of tons of exports every year, and Iran is also one of the biggest importers of this fruit. Banana export price to Iran depends on many factors including the type of the bananas and the country of origin.

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits in all the countries of the world, and they are even a big part of some countries’ cuisines. They are also extremely healthy because of the high amounts of potassium in the, which makes them ideal for athletes. Banana export prices changes every year with the rise and fall of new producers in the world.

Banana export price

Banana producers in the world

Bananas are produced in 107 different countries from all over the world and are the 4th biggest food crop after wheat, rice and corn. There are also more than 150 million tons of bananas produced in the world every year, with India being the biggest producer with more than 27 million tons. China, Philippines, and Ecuador are also the next biggest producers of the fruit in the world.

There are more than 1000 different varieties of bananas in the world. The Cavendish cultivar, is the most popular variety of bananas in the world and accounts for more than 50% of the global production. Banana export prices are also different with each producing country.

Banana export price

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Buyers of bananas in Iran

There are a lot of different local fruit companies in Iran that import bananas from different countries of the world. Iran is one of the biggest importers of bananas in the world. As a result, there are a lot of business opportunities for the local and international fruit companies, in the Iranian banana markets. Banana export prices to Iran are different from each country.

There are also a lot of distribution costs, which the companies will add to the final retail price of the bananas in the local markets. Iranian banana market, is a multi-million dollar industry, which attracts a lot of banana buyers in Iran.

Banana export price

Banana exports to Iran

Iran is among the biggest importers of bananas in the world with the annual amount of more than 700000 tons. India as one of the biggest producers of bananas in the world, is one of Iran’s banana suppliers. Other countries exporting bananas to Iran include Philippines, Pakistan and Ecuador.

Most of the bananas imported to Iran are purchased from Asian countries. This is because of the lower banana export prices that comes as a result of the short distance and lower transportation costs. There are also some banana imports from South American countries like Ecuador every year.

Banana export price

Prices per ton of bananas

The wholesale price of the bananas depends of many factors. The amount of the present year production of the big banana producer companies has a huge effect on the global wholesale prices. Some countries like India and Ecuador supply a big part of the global banana trade markets.

Any increase or decrease in their production amounts can have a lot of positive and negative effects on the global prices. Wholesale banana export prices also affected by the transportation methods and the importing countries. They are always a lot cheaper at their source in the producing countries.

Banana export price

Banana export price

There are a lot of different conditions that can affect the final banana export prices for the big companies and importing countries. Most of the world’s bananas traded internationally by a few of the biggest fruit companies. These companies collect their bananas from various plantation in big producing countries.

A huge part of these companies’ expenses will spent on the transportation process. So the further the importing country, the higher the prices of the imported bananas will be. There also a lot of different varieties of bananas being cultivated and sold all over the world and they all have different prices. Cavendish bananas are the most popular in the world and have the highest amount of production.

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